Jammeh’s Plot To Destroy Gambia

President Yahya Jammeh is plotting to destroy the country he is proud of developing, Kairo News has been informed.

Mr. Jammeh, who ascended to power through a 1994 coup d’etat complaining that the deposed President Jawara had overstayed in office, is refusing to hand over power after an election defeat. He had earlier conceded election defeat but reversed his decision a week later. Yahya Jammeh has since fallen apart with the world. Even his staunch supporters told the power-hungry leader to hand over the Gambia to President-elect Adama Barrow on January 19th.

Despite threats by leaders of regional grouping ECOWAS, Yahya Jammeh remains adamant insisting that fresh elections should be held. Our sources blame Mr. Jammeh of “blowing hot and cold air simultaneously. Jammeh is shipping his valuables out of the country, giving us the impression that he will sneak his way out. But the same man has brought in mercenaries and Casamance rebels into the country. That tells us he is preparing for any external attack,” our security sources said.

Our sources accused Jammeh of planning to “use MFDC rebels and mercenaries to kill innocent civilians when ECOWAS forces attack him. His killers will particularly target Mandinka dominated towns and villages. This is the message that Jammeh told Jola elders during their closed door meeting in Kanilai a fortnight ago. I can swear to the Quran that the evil Jammeh has invited mercenaries who look like Arabs,” said our source. “In case of an attack, Jammeh wants his hired killers to cross to Kiang and Jarra regions and engage in mass killing. Jammeh is annoyed with Mandinkas for not voting for him, forgetting that his insults and threats of exterminating the country’s largest ethnic group would bite him.

Jammeh last week ended weeks of military standby, a move many people think is a sign of surrender. But our sources point out some caveats. “Jammeh knows his weak, divided and less loyal military is not mentally or tactically prepared for an attack, which is why he disarmed most of them when the rebels and mercenaries arrived,” our source said.

Our sources said Jammeh is getting inspiration from one General Momodou Sowe who advises him to remain defiant. Sowe, a native of Foni Bwiam, is based at the army headquarters in Banjul.

Jammeh’s other plot is to disrupt Adama Barrow’s inauguration ceremony. He is not happy with the international hype the ceremony is attracting. Our sources said the Coalition should rule out Banjul for the inauguration. “Already, there is a machine gun with long range capability and a telescope at the Central Banjul waiting to fire.”

Our sources sounded the bell to “avoid any element of a surprise package. Our goal is to send an alert at the right time.” One source advises Gambians to unite and defend themselves against Yahya Jammeh and his killers. “An attack on one Gambian must be seen as an attack on every Gambian.”

It is the responsibility of Gambian soldiers to protect lives and properies of the people who have been paying their salaries since the establishment of the army in 1984.



  1. You write “Already, there is a machine gun with long range capability and a telescope at the Central Banjul waiting to fire”

    What? Fire on the Buhari – the Nigerian leader, or Mack Sall, the Senegalese leader? These two between them have – and this is not an exaggeration – more than 20 times the military capabilities of the Gambia armed forces: and one can assume that not all personnel of the Gambia Armed forces are loyal to Jammeh.

  2. I think we should brace for conflict. This man and his cohorts are now banking on our fears for conflict. We must get through it like all other countries that went through such trials to disentangle themselves from a failed tyrant. The president-elect must be prepared to die for this cause and the people through social media must be prepared for the impending conflict. We cannot just continue on pleading with someone who has no interest to listen to reason nor should we continue singing the songs of Kairo where there is none. Kairo in Gambia is only possible when the will of the people, as manifested on the 1st December 2016, prevail.

    The president- elect has shown enough goodwill and has performed well during this trying time. Without preempting their successful till dato identified “way-forward”, I think we must start preparing the ground for second phase of executing the will of the people. The people must be mobilized early enough for the inauguration and that people are sensitized about the dangers lying ahead.

    Any illusion that this man will respond to reason has faded. Firstly he want to use every loophole to sabotage the will of the people by ensuring a drawn out court case that will be perpetually postponed with bogus, foreign mercenary judges. Or quickly force them to abort the election results. Secondly, the reality that a hated tribe’s man will succeed him is inacceptable to him. At the moment he cannot swallow pride he gained from insulting other tribes and a future with these swear ills he cannot imagine. Therefore, for him the only possible outcome is chaos and then he can have an excuse to tell his loyalist that he did indeed tried to prevent a so-called Mandinka re-emergence. So the mindset coupled with greed is holding him hostage and we can’t do anything about that. Thirdly, he has no future except the presidency chair. There is hardly a country that will take him keeping in mind all the atrocities he committed. For him this is the endgame and it must be understood so by the coalition leaders. Tyrants do not give up power voluntarily and that is why we must ensure that the will of the people prevail by whatever means possible. Not to accept defeat, even though you clearly lost a competition, is a precedent we cannot condone or tolerate. We owe that to our generations to come.

    • Kinteh , Gambians have been underestimating the wickedness of yaya Jammeh . The only language Yaya Jammeh understand is his own language . we have a tribal president surround by tribalist militia forces who are ready to defend their so called tribal hegemony. Many of these tribal militia forces have their DNA linked to cassamance where tribal rebellion has been going on for the past three decades . Yaya Jammeh has used this conflict to entrench and strengthen his military dictatorship. Those who are in doubt before about jammeh’s unwillingness to peacefully hand over ,will now agree that election alone will never enable jammeh to peacefully handover power. I have debated with Bax and others about “all options on the table” to get rid of Jammeh and i think they will agree with me now . There is no dictator who leaves power voluntarily and Jammeh is no exception . Yaya Jammeh is virtually a king without a crown in the Gambia , he does what he feels like . I am support of military intervention because it will lead to dismantle of militia forces and we can recruit qualify indigenous citizens to be in the army . The new administration must make it a policy to encourage indigenous citizens across the country to be enrolled in the Army . If you look at the current military , we do not have many indigenous citizens from Baddibu , kiang , Jarra , URR , CRR in the military . we have people of foni and kombos who dominate our army plus the jola from cassamance . we have to encourage our people to enroll in the army and other security services before they embark on suicide mission on the backway to europe. Strategically we have to fundamentally change our security in the next administration.

    • Well written Kinteh.

  3. Yaya Jammeh is a bitter hearted beast broke loose. He can attempt to devour lives because his call on Allah means nothing to him, and indeed he believes himself to be Satan in human disguise. The Jolas are a minority in the sub-region whose lives would be in great danger in the bushes and jungles of Cassamance. I have an idea that the Cassamance jungles can be made ashes in two or three days, literally with a good whether forecast at one’s disposal. This is not the idea that the Senegalese authorities would be impressed with but we can grow wild trees later in the region in a two year schedule. Get the rats out of those holes in the jungle. They are people of Jammeh’s kind who think they are brave because they have access to weapons that they can point on the innocent lives at their easy reach. I was astounished to still hear people claiming it that Jammeh has been to a war. Where? where?….There is no war veteran on earth who would behave like Yaya Jammeh and I do doubt if cannibalism is not a practice in his inner circle. A normal human being cannot be this bitter hearted and grudgeful in the lives of innocent people. A month or so after toppling the demcratically elected government of Jawara, I sensed that something terrible will happen to the Gambia with such an awful looking character as a country’s president and I believe many felt the same way. Putting soldiers at street junctions is one among many reasons why he is the biggest coward that Gambia has ever bred on its soils. This is a plan ahead to complicate the issue for the stormy looking Ecowas forces by his ball-ess militia men in the Gambia, hiding themselves in the mist of innocent civilians. Yaya Jammeh is a curse to Jolas that he is meddling with their extinguisher.

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  5. The folks that believe only in election to remove yaya jammeh,the elections are done and yaya jammeh said is not going,so now what? is it not the force that is coming to happen,so those who were saying that election cannot remove yaya jammeh know very well what they are saying and those who don’t agree with force now know is the only last option. I never see in my life,dictators like yaya jammeh are removed from power only by election.