Coalition T-shirts Intimidate Jammeh

The Gambia’s spy agents this morning picked up an opposition supporter for selling the T-shirts of the country’s victorious coalition. Wandifa Kanyi, a native of Jasong in Jarra East, was whisked into a waiting vehicle bearing the number BJL 7173 before speeding off to an unknown destination.

Kanyi, pictured above, works for Alhagie Hijinkey Kanyi and Sons in Churchills Town, Serra Kunda. He was reported to have beern picked up by spy agents working for the Gambia’s defeated President Yahya Jammeh. Though his mandate expires in a fortnight, Yahya Jammeh has been crying claiming that December 1st presidential election was marred by irregularities. He remains defiant in his tone that fresh election should be held under the auspices of “God fearing Independent Electoral Commission.”

Wandifa was reportedly asked about who printed and distributed Gambia Has Decided T-shirts. Unconfirmed reports said he was released. This latest arrest is yet another calculated attempt by the outgoing Gambian regime to intimidate and silence opposition activists.

In the words of one political expert, Yahya Jammeh and his defeated government have been intimidated by any symbol of the opposition coalition. “If they are not they wouldn’t have torn Gambia Has Decided banners, let alone arrested someone for selling opposition coalition T-shirts,” he said.


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  1. Whether Yaya jammeh and his cronies like it or not , The Gambia has decided. We will take back our country. Gambian people have decided to take back their country a month ago. On January 19th 2017, our new president-elect Adama Barrow will be inaugurated by indigenous citizens and civilized world. Now we must focus more on our to make our country great again by educating our people about their rights to determine their own destiny.