Legal Threats; “Full Letter Of The Law?”

Don’t Let Solo Sandeng Down! Fear Must GO!

Omar Njie (‘Malick Mboge’ threatened)

I was just browsing the news this peaceful morning in Notting Hill, London, when I saw a certain Omar Njie, who wrote a piece on Amadou Samba for the online media being threatened – exactly in the same language that Pa Mbai of Freedom Newspaper was threatened a few years ago. Readers will know that I was threatened, arrested and detained in The Gambia – when I responded by trashing Amadou Samba’s threatening nonsense. Now, that was in the Gambia under Jammeh – when Amadou Samba was the second most powerful man. Readers will also recall how Sedia Bayo was charged in absentia (for a “crime” committed out of The Gambia’s jurisdiction), and how he was then “INTERPOLLED”by Gambian authorities. Amadou Samba was/is the Chairman of the Gambia’s Judicial Services Commission.

So this morning I find this piece threatening Omar Njie for writing an expose on Amadou Samba. Omar Njie, they say is Malick Mboge and Malick Mboge is threatened, on behalf of Mr. Amadou Samba, in the following terms:

“We have credible evidence that the man (Omar Njie) who posted on this website is Mr. Malick Mboge, a former associate and mentee of Mr. Amadou Samba, who absconded Gambia after defrauding Mr. Samba and several local banks in the tune of over 300 million dalasi.

Malick has never returned to Gambia as he has a warrant for his arrest and is facing several court judgements of fraudulent activities in Gambia and Senegal. Mr Mboge, we are fully aware of all the postings you have made on various Gambian online websites with various aliases and be rest assured, we are in the process of serving you legal proceedings for the defamation and character assassination and importantly fraudulent activities you conducted in Gambia.

You are an embarrassment to your family and Gambia, and you have been discovered and exposed, and will face the full letter of the law.”


Let me say this directly to Mr. Amadou Samba.

You remind me of a court case here at the Royal Courts of Justice in London where the Tanzanian “business tycoon” – or rather BIG THIEF – behaved as if he was in a Tanzanian court and could direct the judge as he wish. It turned out to be the most amusing case – where the judge at the end recited a children’s story rhyme to describe the Tanzanian “business tycoon”. Of course, the BIG THIEF lost the case and had to pay costs. The BIG THIEF asked for permission to appeal. He was allowed to appeal – on condition he deposited one million pounds to cover costs if he lost again!

But of course, we are talking about the Great Amadou Samba here, and I recalled Amadou Samba’s emotional and shouting challenge to me back in 2008: “What’s that amount to me you idiot”!! This was when I dragged Amadou Samba to the Banjul Police HQ because I wanted the money he had taken from the Daily Observer without following due procedure back. I was of course arrested! Amadou’s rant was in front of Chief Inspector Sanyang of the Fraud Squad and Amadou showed a cheque to Chief Inspector Sanyang to show that he gave the money to Yahya Jammeh’s Lebanese Kanilai Fence Builder! What has that got to do with the Observer, I said. I have to pay my poorly paid printers. Amadou became even more angry and the inspector kindly allowed me to leave the room when I asked.

So Amadou, a million pounds may be nothing to you – I mean with the £900 million Panama Papers stuff and all that! But, Omar Njie – if Amadou should pay the most expensive lawyers to sue you, I Dida Halake will work on your defence absolutely for free. That is a promise to Gambia’s online media and anyone else threatened by Amadou Samba when trying to stop people from telling the world what happened in The Gambia for 22 years when Amadou Samba and Yahya Jammeh were in power. The media protection laws in UK are very strong – and exposing Amadou Samba is absolutely 100% in the “public interest” both under Gambia’s laws and under UK law. By the way Amadou, the Tanzanian BIG THIEF’s UK judge, Mr. Justice Bean, was promoted soon afterwards – to Lord Justice Bean (he is simply brilliant and I try to read all his judgements).


The Interpol system in the Gambia was abused by Gambia’s crooks to settle scores under Jammeh. Here is just one example.

President Award Scheme’s Mr. Kujabi’s job was wanted by a brother-in-law of Edward Singhateh. Mr. Kujabi was served with an arrest warrant while he was visiting UK, and he was put on an Interpol wanted list – using a Gambian “Masters Degree Fula Police Chief Inspector called Bah”. So Mr. Kujabi remained in UK and Edward Singhateh’s brother-in-law, penniless and illiterate, took over the President’s Award Scheme and became very rich.

Interpol know fully well what the situation is in The Gambia and will not place someone on a “Wanted List” just because Amadou Samba’s or Yahya Jammeh’s police say so. Otherwise Interpol themselves may be sued big time. I have checked this morning and I can confirm that neither “Malick Mboge – Gambian” or Sedia Bayo Gambian French are on the Interpol Wanted List. I attached the results for the editors.


Send Dida Halake your stories – I will be happy to publish them in legally-tight formats. Of course, if I publish the stories you send me under my name, Amadou Samba the would have to sue the man Gambians named “LUNTANGO/SUUN GANN GI” – I don’t know what it means but I was told it is good!

Jerrejef – Enjoy and Easy Sunday Morning, Amadou – Luntango will be your friend for awhile yet, inshallah.

Dida Halake (aka Luntango Suun Gann Gi)
Notting Hill,
London, UK.

PS: Directions for Amadou Samba: At the Gambian Embassy, turn left, walk 100 metres, turn right and my house is the 3rd one. Attaya waiting when you get here!



  1. Thank you Mr. Halake!
    Amadou Samba is an arrogant bully, but he’ll learn soon enough that not all of us Gambians can be intimidated. This man clearly has a lot to hide for him to be this desperate to stop Gambians from expressing their opinions on his association with Yaya Jammeh. It’s no wonder very few people like the man from talking to some of his former employees.

    • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

      Samba should listen to “Money rant”, a u-tube audio-poem by Benjamin Zephaniah – since he, Amadou, has lots of time holed up in Dakar hiding away from Jammeh’s goons and from Sedia Bayo!
      But my offer is serious – people like Amadou bet on the fact that ordinary people have to pay a fortune even to say “hello” to lawyers, so they give in to avoid legal costs. I will do all the legal steps free of charge for KairoNews, search my 6000-plus case law file, and represent you in court – ALL FREE OF CHARGE. I just looked up “Tanzanian Tycoon, Mr. Justice Bean” on google … the case was defamation, tycoon lost because of “Qualified Privilege”. Amadou has NO HOPE of winning any case against a Gambian Media organisation because Amadou’s Govt in Gambia terrorises the media!! I will be happy to give a Witness Statement to that effect – and my Statement will be unchallenged evidence since Amadou Samba will NOT DARE challenge it!! LoL – I love this! Happy New Year.

  2. I want to pay special tribute to our December 2014 heroes who sacrificed their lives for our beloved nation, The Gambia. Our country have seen patriotic citizens who have demonstrated their love for country when they left their comfort zones and well paid jobs here in USA and other western countries, and attempted to salvage our country from military dictatorship which has brought untold sufferings characterized by gross human rights violations and economic deterioration. To me , each of these patriotic citizens represent the best of our country when they selflessly embarked on a dangerous journey with the supreme objective of rescuing the country. All of these heroes are outstanding members of their communities and they are genuinely concerned about evil leadership in our country . Captain Njaga Njagne , Col Lamin Sanneh , Captain Barrow , USA Air Force veteran, papa Faal , real estate developer Mr Njie and the rest of the heroes have all contributed to the ultimate defeat of the tyrannical regime which is so reluctant to leave power . It was through the efforts of these outstanding citizens as well as collective efforts of both diaspora and indigenous citizens in the country that The tyrant was finally defeated and condemned by the world in recent election. December 2014 was a special day which has brought The Gambia and despicable regime into international sport light. When a peaceful resolution to change of dictatorial regime fail then the violence resolution will be the only method which will bring about the desire change . Today , as we approach the dateline for constitutional term expiration of dictatorial regime , there is high probability that violence resolution through military intervention will be likely method to ultimately remove the tyrannical regime . Such a method is not a desire method for vast majority of citizenry and international community but it is a necessary method which will help to restore democracy and rule of law in our country. Thus , it was the same fundamental reason which led December 2014 heroes who are so desperate to change deplorable political oppression to more democracy and respect for constitutionalism. Therefore , as we anticipate military intervention under the leadership of ECOWAS to remove the dictator from power , we must remember that our patriotic sons have also embarked on a similar journey to salvage our country from military dictatorship but they were unfortunately killed in their operation. We must be grateful for their ultimate sacrifice, love and duty for our country. As we celebrate their lives and love for our country, special prayers are dedicated for their eternal blessing and the families they left behind. I say thank you all for your selfless sacrifices on behalf of our nation .

  3. Gabriel sambou

    I heard dictator daabaa speech about defending Gambian people against any out forces,but those forces are coming for him not the Gambian people.
    Man,this is 2017 you just can’t fool us all the time.
    Defend yourself and let President Adama Barro defend us.
    Stop dreaming and wake up man,Gambia is born again.
    Dictatorship is dead,Democracy is born.
    To hell with you and your evil,corrupt, wicked,gangster,self-centered regime.
    Go to hell defending yourself and anyone who is with you.

  4. Allahu akbar! Amadou Samba started crying so early. Please journalists go after him. He is not a private businessman he wants us to believe. Amadou Samba and Yahya Jammeh are birds of a feather. Like any other public servant (chairman of Judicial Service Commission), Samba has no privacy. You have whipped innocent people for 22 years and expect victims to bury their anger and frustration. Heck no! This is no longer Gambia of the few greedy people.

  5. Amadou Samba is ridiculously ludicrous at best. He must understand that we will get him without doubt. All those siphoned national resources will definitely be recovered. We cannot be intimidated by his so called legal threats.

    There will be thorough investigations and whatever anyone has done in Yahya’s regime will be discovered one way or the other. There is no way of escaping.