Fallen Drone Ignites Fears In Niumi

Fear and panic this morning gripped the residents of Niumi Mayamba in Lower Niumi after they spotted remains of a drone in their backyard. Onlookers stormed the scene in their bid to satisfy their curiousity. Nimuinkas’ lack of knowledge of what looks like a spy drone is understandable considering the heightened fears of a military intervention in the Gambia. The development comes at a time when the regional economic grouping (ECOWAS) is bent on enforcing the will of Gambian voter to diffuse a political impasse orchestrated by a flip-flopping defeated President. A standby force is already in place ready to enter the Gambia and install President-elect Adama Barrow on January 19th. Of course, intelligence collection is key in any operation. But what Niuminkas and the Gambia government are left piercing together is: why the drone flew over Niumi and fell there. Is it because of its proximity to Banjul, the seat of Gambian presidency? Fear-stricken Mayamba residents alerted security agencies shortly after spotting out the drone’s scattered parts at around 10 A.M. Ill-equipped Gambian police, the army and spy officers visited the fallen drone.

Though bereft with scientific knowledge of such a sophisticated machinery, these officers ferried the drone parts to Barra Police Station where majority of officers have never set eyes on a drone. The ultimate goal is to transport the drone to Banjul for inspection.

One Gambian security analyst is convinced that the fallen drone is just a “tip of the iceberg.” He said it must not come as a surprise if a spy drone falls in State House in Banjul. “If Yahya Jammeh thinks the ECOWAS is joking let him think twice. Let him come to his senses by transferring power to Adama Barrow before it is too late.”


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