Don’t Be Conned By Amadou Samba

Dear Editor,

I hope you will publish this letter.

After reading Amadou Samba’s letter I could not help but write a caption on it.

Amadou Samba I shall say is the biggest movie star in the history of The Gambia – I shall not call him a businessman but a movie star.

This letter would have had merit if:
(1) Amadou wrote it and he was still in The Gambia. Why did he leave The Gambia. Let us not forget his most public picture when Jammeh was going for nomination.

(2) Amadou Samba made mention of being in business for 35 years. Out of those 22 years for him to have the audacity to say he had out of pocket expenses in supporting the APRC government is the biggest fools game he is playing on us as his audience. This is a man who won all the major contracts during the APRC government up to date. Giving a mere D500,000 from time to time when you have milked the Gambian people of millions in dollars is that support or out of pocket expenses?

(3) Amadou ‘The Oscar’ winner tell us if selling bottled water and being an agent of GACEM can help you to obtain that type of wealth to the extent of hiding it in off shore companies leading to you being in the Panama papers. Samba dream on you can fool some not all of us.

(4) Amadou do you remember you are and were the Chairman of Judiciary Service Commission. What happened with your advisory to make sure that the law was adhered to? Rather Gambians suffered and you watched because your interest was financial therefore nothing mattered but your interest.

(5) Amadou when have you been that humble anyone that crossed your path suffered under Jammeh’s regime. Is that what manage Jammeh means?

(6) Amadou do not forget that every business that has come into The Gambia has passed through you and you have been paid millions for no reason at the expense of running our dear Gambia’s economy cold.

Remember the gateway with the Spainish Company based in Miami – was that just luck or corruption?

GAMCO – selling groundnuts within the same group and declaring it bankrupt – was that just a ponzy scheme or bad business?

(7) Amadou I work in the government and all the deals you have been involved in we kept a separate file for you as we knew one day your case would be called.

(8) Remember you orchestrated many families to have problems with Yahya Jammeh because you were his hybrid between the executive and the community at large. When the time comes I shall explain. How many families once a member is arrested you stay away from that family because you knew what you had already told Jammeh?

(9) Amadou your daughter’s wedding Jammeh gave 1 million dalasis. Was this because you were a good citizen?

Amadou Samba – when you knew the ship was sinking, you ran to Senegal watching events unfold. It is clear that Jammeh and your assets are inter twined but quite a bit is in your name hence you decided to write that letter to try to disassociate yourself from him.

We have contacts in the Banks when you would collect money to deliver to Jammeh. Were you a signatory to a ghost bank account?

(10) Do you remember your case against Sidia Bayo – an incident that happened in Senegal but the matter was taken to Gambia and the courts. Sidia was found guilty and wanted just because it involved you – Jammeh’s ally. You were carrying cases beyond boarders because you were that close to Jammeh.

Amadou Samba – all I can advise you is know that changes have come. The illicit gains you made can easily be ascertained because we have the records.
For instance, we know the world market price of petroleum – the platts price and premium. How much you and Gampetroleum sunk the country dry to profit 100s of millions is there for us all to show you the calculation?

Simply call your offshore bankers to transfer back to the Government of The Gambia the corrupt and illicit gains you made before your assets are frozen.

Also remember governments come and go so try to do good and live a humble and simple path.

We are here in the Gambia and suffered because of few people included but not limited to Yahya Jammeh and Amadou Samba.

Gambians do not be conned by Amadou Samba.

Your Gambian Brother

Omar Njie



  1. The Making Of Amadou Samba: From The PPP to the APRC Era. How an Official of The Gambian Judiciary Morphed Into a Businessman.
    Hard Work or Happenstance?
    I wish to assure our Gambian readers that missing pieces of the Amadou Samba “puzzle” are all there to put together to complete the writer’s story on the “Movie Star”.
    From importing and selling cement to Italian funded fishing projects (thanks to Charbel Elhajj), fronting for foreign fishing companies and former ministers in the PPP government, the APRC “rising star” to setting up phony trading and shipping companies all designed to milk a vulnerable system of government in what’s our Gambia.
    Take heart folks. Selective amnesia will never be given a pass.

  2. Malick Mboge REVEALED…
    For all the readers, please ignore the message from this false individual claiming to be Omar Njie as these are all dubious and blatantly false stories from a deranged individual.
    We have credible evidence that the man (Omar Njie) who posted on this website is Mr. Malick Mboge, a former associate and mentee of Mr. Amadou Samba, who absconded Gambia after defrauding Mr. Samba and several local banks in the tune of over 300 million dalasi.
    Malick has never returned to Gambia as he has a warrant for his arrest and is facing several court judgements of fraudulent activities in Gambia and Senegal. Mr Mboge, we are fully aware of all the postings you have made on various Gambian online websites with various aliases and be rest assured, we are in the process of serving you legal proceedings for the defamation and character assassination and importantly fraudulent activities you conducted in Gambia.
    You are an embarrassment to your family and Gambia, and you have been discovered and exposed, and will face the full letter of the law.