No Court Can Cancel Barrow’s Win

The Gambia’s defeated President has annulled the December 1st election results a week after he had conceded defeat. The same Yahya Jammeh has filed a petition in court wanting the Supreme Court to declare him the winner of the presidential election. The said court last week briefly heard Jammeh’s petition before adjourning the case to January 10th. The outcome of the case, according to the Coalition government spokesperson, doesn’t matter because “no court on earth” can overturn the victory of president-elect Adama Barrow.

“President-elect Adama Barrow is sure to have won the election and that no court on this earth will be able to take a contrary decision,” Halifa Sallah told a news conference in Banjul.

Mr. Sallah said President-elect Barrow will not rely on what the court is going to do. He will instead rely on the results of the election. “It is his position that he (Barrow) is not going to rely on what the Court is going to do but on the results of the election and we will not speculate on what this Court will decide,” added M Sallah, urging Gambians to focus on preparing for Barrow’s inauguration on January 19th.

The current mandate of Yahya Jammeh expires on January 18. He is refusing to step down and hand over power to Mr. Barrow.

Instead his party lodged an appeal at the Supreme Court, complaining of irregularities in the counting of results by the Independent Electoral Commission and “intimidation” of its voters.



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