Gambian Students In Cyprus Want Jammeh To Step Aside

Gambian students in Cyprus

Without any pressure or force after conceding defeat and congratulating the President elect, and also confirm that the Gambia election is second to none in term of fairness, free and transparency, the nation applauded, honored your bravery and maturity as a person. Importantly we the Gambian students abroad were also congratulated and applauded by our fellow students across the globe.

But on December 9th, when you took a U-turn it came as a total shock and disappointment to the whole nation and the world at large.

The Gambian students Association in Cyprus vehemently condemns in the strongest possible terms the announcement by outgoing President Yahya Jammeh made on Friday the 9th December 2016 declaring the 1st December 2016 elections null and void.

The outgoing President statement offends the Constitution of The Republic of The Gambia, and legitimate will cum decision of the People of The Gambia. We believe that a patriotic and true citizen of a country is a citizen who value and respect the constitution of his/her country and its people. We call on the outgoing president to be a true and patriotic citizen of the Gambia and respect his preaching for the past 22 years; that is non compromise to peace and stability of the Gambia.

We call on the outgoing president to respect the will of The Gambian people, honor the constitution of The Gambia that he swore to defend without affection or ill-will, and transfer executive power to the president-elect His Excellency Honorable Adama Barrow immediately, through a smooth and peaceful transition as provided by the Constitution. Certainly, The Gambia is bigger than any party or an individual interest and this shall not be compromised.

Furthermore, this action of the outgoing president Yaya Jammeh is tantamount to a lot of negative consequences to our beloved nation politically, economically, socially and even physiologically.

We also call on the Gambia security forces to respect the will cum decision of the people of the Gambian and also the constitution of the republic of the Gambia which they swore to protect without affection or ill-will

The outgoing president we want you to revert your decision to challenge the voice of the people and open the doors for a smooth transition in the interest of peace, security, stability, economy of the Gambia and socio-economic development of the country.

We take this opportunity to congratulate the President-elect Adama Barrow and pledge our full allegiance and support to him and his cabinet.


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