11 Gambian Diplomats Want Jammeh To Accept Defeat

At least 11 Gambian diplomats have written a letter to the Gambia’s outgoing President Yahya Jammeh urging him to accept electoral defeat and peacefully hand over power to the President-elect Adama Barrow.

Below is the letter the 11 Ambassadors wrote to Yahya Jammeh.

18th December 2016


Your Excellency,




We the Ambassadors of The Gambia representing our Nation overseas, extend our thanks and appreciation to Your Excellency, The Government and People of The Gambia for the smooth and peaceful conclusion of the December 1st Presidential Elections which you described as transparent, free and fair. Both local and international election observers also certified the whole process as credible. Your statesmanly and televised acceptance of the election results in favour of the Coalition candidate on December 2nd, was acclaimed and applauded throughout the world. The fact that you further congratulated Mr. Barrow on his victory and assured him of your support and guidance was testimony to the fact that you care for the progressive development of The Gambia in a peaceful and orderly transition. Many of us have received commendations on your behalf in our various jurisdictions from individuals and institutions citing your action as the dawn of a new era in African politics and democracy.


Your Excellency, we were taken aback by your pronouncement on National Television on December 9th, rejecting the results. This new position of Your Excellency has the potential of undermining the peace and stability that The Gambia is renowned for.


Your Excellency, in the light of the foregoing, we the Ambassadors of The Gambia, strongly appeal for you to accept the choice of The Gambian people and facilitate a peaceful transfer of power to the President-Elect, Mr. Adama Barrow.


Meanwhile we applaud the efforts of the international community especially the UN, AU and ECOWAS mission headed by Her Excellency Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in their quest to bring about a peaceful resolution of the current political impasse in our motherland, The Gambia.


In conclusion Your Excellency, we once again implore you to consider our plea which is aimed at achieving the greater good for our beloved country, The Gambia.


Please accept Your Excellency, the assurances of our highest consideration and esteem.


H.E Mr. Dembo M. Badgie – Beijing

H.E Mr. MomodouBadgie – Ankara

H.E Mrs. Elizabeth Ya Eli Harding – London

H.E Dr. Mamadou Tangara   – New York

H.E Momodou Aki Bayo – Moscow

H.E Mrs. TenengMba Jaiteh – Brussels

H.E Mr. Momodou Pa Njie – Dakar

H.E Mr. Lang Yabou – Madrid

H.E Mr. Masanneh N. Kinteh – Havana

  1. H.E. Mr. AbdouJarju – Bissau

  2. H.E. Mr. Mass AxiGai – Addis Ababa



  1. The list is growing extensively. Majority of jammeh’s appointees are asking him to peacefully hand over power to president-elect . Dictator Jammeh should understand that presidency is not a career but it is an exceptional privilege with immense responsibility. He has failed woefully in every aspect. The devil woman , Vice President Isatou Njie saidy still support her boss while she hypocritically ensure that her children are safe in USA . Vice President should also understand that the way she want her children to be safe , it is the way every parent want their children to be safe . So while she is still supporting the tyrant who is advocating for civil war in our country, she should reflect on this philosophy. The Gambian military should also understand that both president jammeh and Vice President have moved their families from the country. Therefore any cruel human rights violations will affect the ordinary citizens. Isatou Njie saidy , you want Lamin saidy to be saved , this is why Lamin saidy is hiding near Canadian border in a college town of Bellingham, in Washington state, Likewise Your other children in USA and other places. It is really a very selfish act in your attempt to destroy our country when you cowardly ensure that none of your children visit The Gambia. I am calling on the relatives of the evil woman to put sense in this old lady in order to save our country from civil war and political instability. It is collective responsibility to ensure we all talk to evil citizens. The Vice President is a heartless woman. How can you preside over the killings of other people’s children when yours are safe in foreign countries?

  2. Let’s be weiry of this fake ambassadors who cannot even broker a tapalapa deals for the country, why were they silent for too long and refused to contest the dictator over the arrest of peaceful protesters, the death of solomg sandeng, the jailing of lawyer ousainou Mandela Darboe and many under atrocities that happen under the rigime they served.
    Gambians are no longer idling in slavery, iliteraracy, dictatorship or self political styles gone are those days

    The era of professionalism true accountability the respect for the rule of law has surfaced.
    The elements behind this change are numerous therefore gone are the days of tribalism, cheap and dirty politics, disrespect for the country and the citizens.
    My warning is no stone shall be left unturned and all stains shall be and will be bleach accordingly .