Jammeh On The Losing Edge; Even Jungulars Won’t Die For Him

The Gambia’s defeated President who wants to cling on to power by force is clearly on the losing edge.

Besides getting mountains of condemnations from home and abroad, Yahya Jammeh thinks he can still get his way through. He banks hopes on the country’s divided army. What more is the best way to get their favour and loyalty other than surprise them with undeserved promotion as well as line up their empty pockets? But the question remains whether the promotion and money have changed anything. They haven’t otherwise Captain Salif Corr would have stayed and remained loyal after his impromptu promotion to the rank of Major. Corr, a member of Yahya Jammeh’s killer squad, the Jungulars, knew the Mandate Thief was hatching a plot using the army as a vehicle. The Niumi man voted with his feet because he didn’t want to empower a man who is bent on stealing President-elect Adama Barrow’s clean mandate. Corr’s colleague Jungulars have been invited to State House where they have had their pockets filled with Jammeh’s looted money. Some of the Jungulars who have been on the run were invited to come home. The notorious Major Sanna Manjang who escaped to Senegal answered to Jammeh’s call. The two have been communicating through walkie-talkie, our sources confirmed. What Yahya Jammeh doesn’t know is that even the once ever loyal Jungulars are not prepared to die for him. Most of them have regretted committing heinous crimes in the past and their focus now is to repent. Like all patriotic Gambians, the Jungulars do not want to defend Yahya Jammeh to destroy the only country they call home. In fact, most of them have already invested Jammeh’s bribed money on acquiring visas. “Most of us are prepared to die for defending our country from internal and external attacks,” one military commander told Kairo News. “But we will not die for defending a man who is not on the side of truth. Let Jammeh step down and hand over power.” Will he listen before it is too late? Yahya Jammeh, the clock is ticking fast.


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