God Speaks Daily Except To Those Who Refuse To Listen

Faith and rationality with “Divine-Guidance” in human beings teaches that God do speak to relay to humans everything realistically, through daily manifestations of events whilst one aspires to learn from others recorded in the Indelible Inks of history; This is the end-game and final moments for restoration of democracy in the Gambia; Yaya Jammeh is waking up from some hallucinated dreaming for the past 22 years and now probably realise it (Yaya) is better off dying than get prosecuted for humanity crimes, corruptive embezzlement and economic crimes of monumental magnitude.

Amazingly still insistently in slumber & dreaming in denial are some handful of mercenary elements in APRC and the syndola (uniformed and plain clothes officers) militia, some of whom are masquerading as “soldiers” have already relocated their own children and immediate families out of Gambia whilst vast number of them still got their own families living in Gambia & are sleep walking into suicide.

So the MURDEROUS Kanilai KILLER DEVIL & Enablers currently engage in war-prepared manoeuvres in pretence in the urban areas to scare & instil fear into the Innocent Peace population WON’T stop the INEVITABLE; Yaya jammeh and ANYBODY (for that matter) in attempts of “dissolving/annulling” the election results in counter-coup for another “December 9 revolution” are hereby reminded that “the Gambia WILL NOT be colonised twice”; Gambians WILL NEVER allow the sovereign WILL of Gambians be overthrown in another ILLEGETIMATE coup; NEVER EVER AGAIN.

The IEC was in the services of the kanilai DEVIL and cohorts; foreigners were illegally registered to the advantage of the Kanilai DEVIL to no avail; Not necessarily Mr Alieu Momar Njie personally being collusive but who can say, with NIA planted operatives within IEC who were engaged and involved in the result tallying didn’t deliberate, warranting the ”revised-results” aren’t the extension of the tools to legitimize the continuity of the Status quo; these manoeuvres aren’t new in the Liberation Struggle Books.

There are efforts by Gambians in advance stage to take on the syndola Warlord and militia squatting at the State House on our own if need be & when necessary BUT the International & Sub-regional Communities seem to be taking their rightful lead-role to make sure President Barrow is inaugurated timely and democracy is rightfully restored without much incidences.

Some of these aprc stalwarts & mercenaries elements so-called soldiers in uniform and Syndola militia have their hands murky in blood and loot; the Truth & Reconciliation will account for whosoever has anything to clarify; NOTHING WILL STOP THAT; INSHA ALLAH

Long live the Gambia…



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