‘Clerics Should Stop Preaching Women’

Muslim clerics in the Gambia have been advised to focus attention on their brutal dictator instead of “preaching women.”

“My message is directed to Muslim clerics, especially Imams and Supreme Islam Council leaders,” Imam Momodou Ceesay of Detroit Islamic Center said. “Preach what is relevant. Stop preaching women right now and lead your followers to truth. End your silence, follow me and Imam Baba Leigh and stand up for justice. Stand tall and defend the truth if you want your future messages to become relevant.”

Imam Ceesay said the SIC leaders and clerics have no excuse to remain silent in a country where the President is acting unjustly, stoking violence, killing and exiling innocent people.  

“You all know what is happening in the country is unjust, un-Islamic and unconstitutional. For 22 years, your followers have been crying of hunger, living in fear of being tortured, murdered or disappeared yet you remain silent. You ignore their many cries for help. Leadership is all about standing up for truth and justice. It is also about defending and empowering those you serve. Except few imams – Cherno Gassama, Ousman Sawaneh and Sheikh Omar Colley – none of you bother to tell truth to power.”

Imam Ceesay wonders why SIC leaders who are close to power shut up when their country is in crisis. “Imams Fatty, Touray, Cherno Kah and Muntahan Faye, your country people need your urgent help. The Quran is not revealed to help political leaders. It has come to establish truth from falsehood. You have been telling people to fight injustice with all their might. But you have failed to follow what you preach. You have ignored a leader who behaves exactly like Pharoah, a tyrant who accused Prophet Musa and Haruna of being tribalists when he (Pharoah) pioneered tribalism. You have all seen how Yahya Jammeh has entrenched tribalism in the country. He feeds on it. You have all seen Yahya Jammeh stoking violence. He has lost the election but wants to remain in power and continue his lawlessness. Follow the footstep of Prophet Ibrahim who asked his father why he followed an idol that neither sees nor hears.”

Imam Ceesay said condemnations of Yahya Jammeh’s lawlessness by secular associations like the Bar is enough of lessions for the SIC. “You know Yahya Jammeh has been doing all what the quran forbids. You have seen the White people you label as kafir (nonbelievers) standing up for the oppressed Gambians. You have read how generations before us were punished for the forbidden deeds of a minority. Allah’s punishment does not spare anyone.”



  1. in love with Gambia

    Assalaam Alaikum Imam Ceesay . You are absolutely right, Sheikh Abdul Hameed Kishk was locked up by Egypt leaders so many times for speaking the truth to them in his mosque, reminding them to fear Allah. You have to choose Allah and be with Allah or take sides with Satan. Thank you very very much Imam. May the Almighty Allah reward you.

  2. Well said Imam Ceesay. You are the kind of imam we the Gambians muslim need and not this Gambia supreme islamic council executive members and Imams who didn’t fear Allah but Dictator YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH only. Have you seen this executive members of Gambia supreme islamic council last Sunday state house Gamo? Gambia supreme islamic council executive members are the most corrupt council members ever exist in our beloved country, the Gambia. They are crying and mourning because they believe wholeheartedly that without Dictator YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH in power , they cannot survive , they will go starve without foods, water and shelter. They truly don’t believe that ALLAH is the giver and he is the helper that is why they don’t want to stand up for the truth to stand and tell dictator YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH that Allah have said and it is final. So pack and leave the office of the president in the Gambia. Gambia supreme islamic council should be ashamed of themselves seeing the fellow Christians council of the Gambia have courage and stand up for the truth and then they go to president elect Adama Barrow and show their solidarity to him and also congratulate him in the front of cameras. Please imam ceesay, leave them to keep crying and mourning for the rest of their lives but Allah has make his final decision about this outgoing dictator YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH and Insha Allah president elect Adama Barrow will assume in the office of president on January 19th, 2017. That is going to happen, Insha Allah

  3. This is what I am talking about the HYPOCRITE Gambia Supreme islamic council members, their self called sheikh dictator YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH Bali mansa have call them to meeting at the state house tomorrow Thursday December 15th, 2016 for the meeting. Come and see their faces at that meeting, they disgrace our muslims ummah for their greedy, corrupt, never stand up the truth and fear of telling the truth to Dictator YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH what he is doing to innocent people. Let come and see what they will said which the Christian, white people, Africans and other races didn’t said about dictator YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH take Gambian people’s will and integrity to hostage crisis. I believe Christian council will be fearless to say the truth to Dictator YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH than Yahya Ajj jammeh’s puppet Gambia supreme islamic council members.

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