Defeated Yahya Jammeh Blinks; Opens Doors For ECOWAS Chiefs

The Gambia’s defeated President Yahya Jammeh is now prepared to meet with leaders of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) over his (Jammeh’s) claims that December elections results were rigged in favour of the opposition. Mr. Jammeh had earlier conceded defeat to the opposition coalition candidate Adama Barrow, describing the defeat as “the will of Allah.”

President Jammeh on Saturday refused landing rights to ECOWAS leaders in Banjul. However, Mr. Jammeh has now accepted to meet ECOWAS leaders in Banjul on Tuesday. The team led by the current ECOWAS Chairwoman Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, includes President’s of Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Guinea – Muhammad Buhari, Ernest Bai Koroma and Alpha Conde’.

The ECOWAS team is also billed to meet with opposition coalition leaders. It is not clear whether the team is holding meetings with Yahya Jammeh and opposition leaders at the same time.

President Yahya Jammeh’s questioning of election results on Friday has once again attracted international atention a country Jammeh had ruled with iron fist for more than two decades. His statement was vehemently condemned both at home and abroad. It has flared tempers in the neighbouring Senegal whose officials pressured the United Nations Security Council to hold an emergency session on the Gambia where a Dictator is bent on twisting the will of Gambian electorate.

After a barrage of condemnations characterised by the willingness to act, President Jammeh has started lowering the bar, knowing fully he is fighting a losing battle.


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  1. Unbiased Prince

    Thanks a lot my dear junior brother Mr Musa Saidykhan for the highlights.

    Yaya Jammeh is the biggest coward ever and I won’t be tired of saying it louder than words as sooner that becomes clearer to all, I believe the better.

    And seriously Mr Saidykhan Jr, Yaya Jammeh is in fact the most pathetic and mentally ridiculous guy to ever existed if you asked me mbading lol!

    Closing his eyes and going for the biggest bite of his stupidity and more than he can actually swallow, Yaya Jammeh thought the rest of the world should just be watching vulnerable and the innocent Gambian civilians take the pains of his disgusting attitudes in mere dismay and just call it a day or just like that. Wow, big big mistake and never be tired either to tell him brother as nobody else should.

    Yaya Jammeh is only stubborn while he has been also getting away from ‘The Nick’ of our social justice by only chance and the patients of people’s Godliness but not because he is brave as he tend to brag about in town.

    Today though, he has blown the gasket of all those changes whereas leaving every Gambian to therefore leak hope within pateints from their individual’s cylinder.

    As a result, he now finds himself abundantly desperate as a looser indeed and as like all loosers who would do anything to live another day.

    But his biggest mistake this time round is that, he has not been weighing out his options within good company of people. So, and as bullying tactics had becomes his renewable creek to Gambians and the World’s feature, the consequences are relentlessly doing the work of long anticipated.

    Every bully is a coward remember and Yaya Jammeh is of no exception what so ever. His bullying tactics have finally earn him the very place he deserved in all accounts of totally.

    Thanks once again
    WA Salaam

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