Yahya Jammeh Daydreams; Disputes Election Results

The Gambia’s power-intoxicated leader who had earlier conceded defeat and even congratulated his main challenger Adama Barrow said he does not any longer accepted the December 1st presidential election outcome.

In what tantamounts to a daydream Yahya Jammeh told the national television that it is conviction that the results are not accurate. Jammeh based his arguments on the fact that the Electoral Commission erred as evidenced in the revised results, which still puts Adama Barrow on the lead.

Mr. Jammeh called for fresh elections to be held. This contravene the Gambian constitution which requires election losers to file disputes at the Supreme Court. In that Yahya Jammeh should step down and file a case at the courts. No Gambian law calls for fresh elections in a contest that is free from irregularities. Jammeh is on the brink of stealing Adama Barrow’s mandate, which had the potential to slide the Gambia into pandemonium.

For fears of answering to his mountains of heinous crimes, Jammeh does not want to relinquish power.



  1. He is in a suicide mission. Please APRC supporters and Jammeh loyalist in the security services, leave this monster now before you go down with him.

  2. There’s NEVER any Constitutionality or even RATIONALITY in the EVIL DEVIL parading in the person of yaya Jammeh who believe is ABOVE EVERYTHING as a god; Pharaoh did the same in Egypt but the end-result has been learned from the indelible records by everyone with shred of humanity in their blood EXCEPT the DEVIL (Satan) & INCARNATES…

    This is UNDOUBTEDLY the END -GAME in the FINAL moments for the next chapter of our democratic restoration into the Third Republic; Insha Allah…

    Long live the Gambia…

  3. Unbiased Prince GB

    Yaya Jammeh would not cease to surprise me with his endless stupidity LOL!

    This coward that GRTS is still calling a President instead of the worthless Babili Mental is only yapping from his whopping askhole by saying he has rejected the elections results base on his stupid arguments or findings.

    He said he believe in Allah’s verdict but trying to confuse the situation by conceding before and then rejecting the same results later. Yaya Jammeh is mentally adulterated with greed of wealth, sex and power by Satan at the highest stake. Therefore fellows, never believe anything he says publicly of secretly while his mentioning of him working on plans for peaceful transfer, is only a distraction from his main agendas.
    I already said a while back to you my fellows that “There is no amount of marabou consultation or genies summoning or any amount of infidelity prepared on the electoral commission or on Gambian voters by Yaya Jammeh and his evil followers that could change the inevitable that is about to become of the failed APRC regime and their adulterate leadership”.

    Phase One; of what had been reveal to by Allah the Almighty have already occurred as Yaya Jammeh has been politically reject by Gambians through the ballot box and that is what was ordained by God-Mighty Allah last Friday and being yet the natural mystic of waited in patients for the past two decades. I am very grateful to Ya-Allah that I was not in any fantasy of daydreaming.
    Guest what fellows?

    Phase Two is about to happen as we have just wakeup to the morning before what have been revealed to me by Allah.

    Shall I remind that I said; “It had been revealed to me that, due to Yaya Jammeh believing in violent force to help him remain in power despite the loss of many lives to happen, he would fundamentally lead himself to his own death thus from an intense bloodbath that he himself have stubbornly instigated after being defeated in an election”.

    I also said “Yaya Jammeh is the real villain within the midst of our Gambian peninsular, yet of well gotten within protuberance of grave rarities by his stupidity and that have been referencing from a while back. Yaya Jammeh is hence, but very determines in making it possible enough to doom our nationality beyond restorations of peace and stability”. That have not only change one bit just because Yaya Jammeh has suddenly become vulnerable after losing the election. He was trying to buy time that he no longer has.

    Yaya Jammeh is a dead man walking and only looking for fools like Bala Jahumpa to accompany him to his grave.

  4. It is now very clear to everyone that Yaya jammeh is lunatic who has been ruling The Gambia with iron fist for 22 years . Jammeh’s erratic behavior is further indication that he is mentally incapacitated and he is not capable of making a sound intelligent decision without grave consequences. As far as mental health diagnoses are concerned, jammeh has bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. He has narcissistic personality which he always manifest throughout his military dictatorship. Jammeh having these psychiatric problems combined with being armed is a dangerous situation which our country found itself . Unfortunately he is also surrounded by sycophants and unpatriotic citizens who will do anything to ensure that his illegal orders are carried out . Jammeh’s decision to reverse the election results is the most dangerous and irrational decision he ever made . This decision has the potential to put our country into civil conflict and war.
    As I have extensively stated many times here in this forum and elsewhere,Yaya jammeh has infiltrated our Gambia armed forces and other national security services with Jola rebel forces from cassamance who are ready to commit heinous atrocities against our indigenous people. This foreign born killers are aided by unscrupulous and evil citizens to prolong the military dictatorship. Many of jammeh’s loyalists are Jola people both from The Gambia and cassamance who are historically and biological linked to human right violations and atrocities committed in that region. It was historic mistake to allow him to lead the military coup and the country. Another historic mistake the indigenous people from all the tribes particularly the mandinkas made was that they did not encourage people to enlist in the National security services such as army and today every indigenous tribe is paying the deadly price for our reluctance. Yaya jammeh has recognized this security loopholes and he quickly filled it with his tribesmen majority of who are committed and completely loyalty to him and their ethnicity. Jammeh has brought tribalism in The Gambia whether we accept the truth or not. His Recently promoted military officers are mostly from Jola tribe who are biologically and historically linked to cassamance. These are the people he depend on for his survival as the president of The Gambia.

  5. Indeed, jammeh is scared of meeting his past crimes hence the daydreaming.

    Not good enough. People power will prevail.