Dr. Jobe Harps On Election Victory, Critical Issues

Following the opposition Coalition 2016 election victory, former diplomat Dr. Momodou Lamin Sedat Jobe has joined the chorus of political figures taking pride in the great maturity shown by Gambians during the just ended Presidential polls. In this interview with journalist Abdoulie JOHN, he took the opportunity to express his views on top critical issues facing the new government to be named by President-elect Adama Barrow.

Dr Sedat Jobe commended Gambians for making change possible and lauded
the efforts spearheaded by opposition leaders who were ‘unflinching’
in pushing for “Hope” to triumph over “Fear”.

He okayed recent pronouncements made by President-elect Barrow to reverse the decision to pull out from the Hague-based International Criminal Court (ICC) and his plan to return back to the Commonwealth.

“The Gambia is going fully well in respecting all the norms and
regulations that govern a democratic State,” he said.

On the critical issue of human rights that have put the country on the spotlight for over two decades, Dr. Jobe said Gambia is going to make sure that African Rights Commission is really representative of the human rights situation in Africa.

“There is a need to take a new turn. It was an insult to Africa to have a continental human rights body under President Jammeh.”

He recalled that President Jawara respected Human Rights to such an
extent there was nobody competing to host the ACHPR headquarter. “That
is why all African countries decided to have the Commission in The Gambia.”

“The magnitude of human rights violations in Gambia prompted some
campaigners to push for its relocation,” he continued.

Dr. Jobe said as Gambians have turned their back to the Jammeh regime,
people may be hearing a lot of drama with intensifying calls to take
Yahya Jammeh to court as soon as possible.

He stated that it seems fair to argue that rushing things all at the same time may create confusion, but was quick to point out:”the wish for democracy should not exclude justice and the rule of law.”

Dr. Jobe recalled that members of Coalition 2016 have already prepared
a document outlining the way forward after the elections. “If they feel that they want a truth and reconciliation commission, they will decide to do so. But I think it was highly recommended.”

He called on Gambians to give them time. “I know very soon they are
going to decide on what to do in order to have justice.”

Written by Abdoulie JOHN


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