Let’s Name Westfield After Solo Sandeng

Solo SandengThis is the first time I am writing to you guys. Thanks for all your efforts over the years. May Allah reward you all and all Gambians.

I want to suggest starting a sort of campaign to rename Westfield Junction “Solo Sandeng Junction” or “Sandeng Junction” or something similar in honour of one of many people who paid the ultimate price in the birth of the Third Republic. I do appreciate that many have paid the ultimate price but Solo’s death is still fresh in our memories and I do believe it galvanised and emboldened the whole nation.

Naming the place “where it all started” in his honour will also be an opportunity to teach future Gambian generations various lessons that can be derived from what happened since the day when him and all the others were arrested from that spot for doing nothing but exercising a constitutional right. It can also symbolise the sacrifice of everyone who lost their lives in making the Gambia’s Third Republic a reality.


Malick Njie



  1. Solo sandeng give his life for gambian we have give him something back

  2. I say in with the new out with the old way of doing things. It’s a new era, and a new beginning! Gambians must learn to make all decisions through the ballot box that’s true democracy.