Breaking News: Adama Barrow Wins Gambia’s Elections

img-20161117-wa0197The Candidate of the Gambia’s united opposition Coalition has denied incumbent President Yahya Jammeh fifth term in office. Adama Barrow has won the December 1st presidential elections by a slight margin. Based on votes compiled at spot counting centers across the country, it is clear that Mr. Barrow defeated Yahya Jammeh by 21, 114 votes. The Chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission Alieu Momarr Njai is yet to announce the results in both the Kanifing Municipality and West Coast Region where Mr. Barrow made significant gains. Adama Barrow has swept the polls in most of the regions in the country. Yahya Jammeh is yet to concede defeat even though he is privy to the spot counting results.



  1. Sirenba Jabbie

    Congratulations to Mr President Adama Barrow for the landslide victory and I wish you a very wonderful inauguration well done and thanks to the Gambian people.

  2. Unbiased Prince

    Thanks a lot my fellows who shown and have prove that they have persisted and outrun Yaya Jammeh tyrannity by voting for political change in the country.

    Yaya Jammeh would wish he had listen to his mother’s advice on the first chance that he had. Nothing is too late for that to happen either, but why not use her competent experience and elderly of womanly influence and her moisturizing advice for a difference therefore, and act like a good boy that she had been dynamically trying to generate all these years from you Yaya Jammeh?

    There is nobody on earth who would love you Yaya Jammeh than your poor mamma. If you think you deserve to be unmeasured within such beautiful reality that she could not stop expressing 24/7, then please be kind to her when she could hardly asked.

  3. Omar Comma. aka. Troy

    I am Omar Comma AKA. Troy.
    I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.

    My apologies to all. Peace and love
    Omar Comma. Jarra Sukuta.

  4. Gambia at last resolved.

  5. What a well deserved win following a well fought campaign? A win for all Gambians regardless of their ethnic backgrounds! Now we should work on healing the wounds and getting rid of the divisions created between Gambians by the monster among other things. This should be a moment of reflection for everyone now. I hope we will all learn to forget and forgive. This however does not mean that serious crimes and violations against human rights of the people should not be brought before the law.

    We (all Gambians) wanted our country back and we got our country back. I would now like to see the immediate release of all political prisoners; the country becoming the usual secular state for everyone (no longer an Islamic State); all mercenary judges tried for their actions and deported out of the country; and rejoining the Commonwealth in the first days of Barrow’s presidency.

    Congratulations to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Pa Ceesay

      Morro, your message speaks volumes. I would also like to join you to congratulate Gambia and Gambians on a well deserved win.

      Pa Ceesay

  6. Congratulations President elect Mr Adama Barrow…Congratulations to all Gambians for a peaceful and orderly elections…Congratulations to the alliance leadership and all who made this possible.

    A big, big thank you to the indefatigable soldiers in the diaspora for a job well done. As it is always known, well the people want change, no human being can stop it…We look forward to the dawn of a New Gambia..

    • Congratulations to President-elect Mr Adama Barrow and his Coalition team. Job well done. Congratulations to the Gambian people and all those who helped them to achieve this victory.

      My sincere appreciation and thanks to the countless number of people both visible and invisible, who have remained committed and steadfast in their long journey to see the dawn of a new day for our country.

      May God continue to strengthen your resolve and may your conscience continue to guide your thoughts and actions as we begin to carve the destiny of the Third Republic.

  7. This is a big deal. collaboration and working together outsmarted cynism. We are one people and the rise and fall of this erratic warlord is lesson for all and sundry. We must never allow one man to divide us so bitterly just for him to rule the country. Gambians have shown maturity and have given a definitive red card to such a character. As we rejoice, our hearts go out to Solo Sandeng and his family. We also re-affirm our total solidarity with Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and Co in jail. Let the trial come to end and the court set them free. NO pardon from anyone. For they have committed no crime. our hearts go out to all families who lost lives in this past 22 years and re-affirm our solidarity with them. Without them , the victory today would not have happened!!

  8. Congratulations to President elect -Barrow, and the entire Gambian peoples.I would also like to thank everyone Gambian.A job well done.Thank you so much kaironews for a wonderful job in your pursuit of the truth, freedom and Liberty.You informed the peoples pave the way for a free Gambia.Thank you to all the contributors.We have had the best..Thank you

  9. Time to pack and start rebuilding the Gambia.Not all bygones can be bygones..WASALAM

  10. Deyda Haidara

    Bissimilahai Rahman Rahim, We thank Allah for delivering us from the shakles of SLAVERY. We thank the people of the Gambia for showing their determinations to be FREE at Last peacefully and democratically. We thank the Diaspora for their steadfastness and fund raising in seeing our homeland join the civilize nations of this world. We thank the Coalition on the ground for galvanizing the electorate to finally vote out Yaya Jammeh. We thank the GDC for chppoing the roots of the APRC regime and reducing its voting numbers from +400000 votes in 2011 to +200000 in 2016. We thank the authorities of Senegal for sensitizing her People not to participate in Gambia’s elections thus reducing the total vote cast from +600000 in 2011 to -500000 votes in 2016.
    We thank the IEC for conducting a very fair elections. We thank the many underground government civil servants within the system for making sure people are free and safe.
    I finally thank myself for making the greatest contributions in seeing that Yaya Jammeh losses this elections.
    I now IMPLORE President elect to be TRUE his AGREEMENT with his colleagues and the Gambian at large. I h\wish good health and wisdom to complete the MISSION entrusted to him by the Gambian people.
    Let the national anthem be our guidance.
    Praise Be to Allah

  11. I’m kind of a bit amased by not seeing @Max’s comments over-the-top.

    • Bourne , congratulations to you and all the patriotic citizens who contributed to this outstanding victory. I think I am the first person to write my congratulatory message on the comment section but I believe it will be posted by kaironews soon . I am ever committed to see our country to become democratic and peaceful country. I must thank you personally for your contributions. I must also thank all those who contributed here to ensure this day becomes a reality. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to those I may offended during the course our debate. I am very full of energy and enthusiastic to see justice in our country. I believe in empathy and that is why I always personalized my debate to the extend that I always ask personal questions. Example how would each of us feel if we are the victims of this despicable regime ? I believe that when we have empathy for each other The Gambia will be better place .
      I am also very very committed to the truth , Democracy and constitutionalism in our national discourse. I cannot express how much I am happy to be part of this efforts. I will extend olive branch to my fellow citizens here in this forum especially those who are inconsistent. I am indeed proud of all those who truly believe in our indigenous citizens and from now onward we should try be more nationalistic in our political discussion. Our country’s interest first before any partisan or personal interest.
      I forget to mention our able and committed patriotic citizens who I am always proud of , Mr suntou Touray , Mr saidykhan and the entire kaironews crew . Mr Touray, I love your voice and eloquence in speaking our indigenous languages . I want to personally thank you for your service and dedication to the cause of liberation of our country.

    • Me too.

      • Thanks @Max. My query that I did not see your congratulation mssages is up to nothing but urge resourceful partipants like yourself to keep up your efforts concerted in the forums. I think Bax too will be relaxed hearing from you, and please be urged to keep it up online. Thanks to much more consistent and resourceful participants like all the names you mentioned including you. I too think Saidykhan, Suntou and all of Kairo crew are just wonderful citizens to be proud of. God bess them all. God bless all other online media personel who are on the right track of the Gambian struggle. Thanks to fellow citizens and the electorate on the ground. Without them we will be no where.

  12. modou jammeh

    Let us thank God for his Mecy, then i will thank my brothers From Musa Saidykhan,Yaya Dampha, Burama Sanneh Suntu, Imam Ceesay, and all the other brothers and sister, in Kairo, you have freed the Gambia without blood, you have bring joy to the people of the Gambia, you have put smile in the face of those who were sad, you have make those who were crying to laugh, you have fight for those who lose there family member’s, you dry the tears of the orphans. May the almighty God guide you people with your family and all the Gambians may god put smile in the face of your family as you bring smile in to Gambians face, you free the Gambians may god forgive your and free you all your sins if there is any from know on until the day you will meet him.may god bless and guide your children and all the children of Gambian,we the Gambians cant pay you people but the mighty god who has more then anything and cant be finish, let him pay you people, the Joyce you bring in to Gambia may the mighty pay you people of the best in life and after death.
    you people did not know what you have done but god knows and may he reward you people with the best.Ameen

  13. One think I like about a guy named Musa Baldeh whose comment I came across once is; his bravery to publish his picture. I am equally proud of such citizens who use a Gambian name and surname with their clear identity. I think they do this because they don’t want any innocent person getting victimised by unintelligent state tools. May be not all but some of the folks using a Gambian name and surname with anonymity indicates hypocrisy at its best. Hypocrisy poisons, praise sings, tortures, dictates, confuses, degrades and kills good citizens. Gambia, I think has a lot to do about the development of its human resources.

    Long live the Republic of the Gambia.

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