Tell Yahya Jammeh It’s Too Late

Gambian voters waiting to exercise their civic & political rights!

Kairo News and Radio is congratulating Gambians for taking the courage in their hands by standing tall in their quest to take back their once Sweet Gambia. It has taken them more than 20 years to get to this level of defiance against one of the world’s brutal dictatorships. Since 1994 when Yahya Jammeh seized power by force, Gambians have not known peace. Everything Gambian has been corrupted by a man who promised heaven and earth during his heydays in power. A promise that turned out to be nothing but a set of lies. Instead Yahya Jammeh has been busy entrenching himself in power. Like other dictators before him, Jammeh relied on aggression in the form of torture, disappearance or murder to stand firm. His officialisation of brutality created record number of Gambian asylees. The streets of Dakar are filled with Yahya Jammeh’s political refugees. He has shut down opportunities for investors and denied youths employment, forcing them to sacrifice their precious lives in the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean Sea.

Despite being the smallest country on mainland Africa in both size and population, the Gambia today has more asylum seekers in Europe than even Nigeria. How does any country fare with the youths? No country can. Yahya Jammeh doesn’t care as long as civil servants, security officers and ordinary Gambians till his land. All he cares about is to get these immigrants deported in exchange for economic package that benefits only him.

To top it all, Yahya Jammeh has established a police state. His greatest tool of has been state machinery. Jammeh had pushed Gambians to the limit to the extent that all options have been put on the table to dislodge him from power. We at Kairo believe in the power of ballot box. We have become advocates of free and fair election. How do we get the desired results when the electorate is ignorant. The simple answer is to turn the radio into a civic education bantaba with the conviction that will seal the deal. Slowly but surely the message has filtered down. Our friends and family opponents became our greatest fans and sustainers. Our audience became addicted to our content that they kept demanding and adding value to our work.

In the midst of our campaign another miracle was discovered. The social media – Whatsapp, Viber and Facebook – took over the fight. Groups were soon created to facilitate easy, comfortable and timely communication among Gambians across the world. News started traveling like wildfire in a country where the press is muzzled. Brilliant ideas of how to defeat Jammeh floated. Gambians have now known the value of their civic and political rights. The next step becomes reclaiming those seized rights.

Tell Yahya Jammeh that the Diaspora has already inflicted unhealed wounds on him and the government. Shutting down the Internet and international phone line on election day came too late. Who hasn’t heard the message? Kudos to all the cyber activists for investing your invaluable resources, time and energy for your country of birth. We salute individual donors as well. You have all proven that there is no place like home. The mission is accomplished; we are all waiting to reap the fruit of our labour.



  1. Unbiased Prince

    Beautiful. Better late than never my fellow Gambian brothers and sisters in your thus element of real defiance to see a better tomorrow than never.

    Thanks for giving it what you got in real citizenry aspect of a cute aspirant determination.

    Sorry to say, but I believe Mr Momodou Njie’s father is on the quest of being remembered as a political Saint or a political puppet.

    But serious the question is, would he deliver at Gambian’s and the World’s expectations or crumble like a falling giant tree on the roofs of oppressed people?

    The chairman of the Gambia IEC is now under the spotlights of intence pressure to prove viable and worthy of a servant to God-Almighty Allah alone and fears none but Him. And he should remember, no one can fool God-Almighty Allah. His grave would be his gate to meet with his creator God-Almighty Allah and sooner than he thinks he could be mimicking in secrets.

  2. Kudos to Mr. Saidykhan and all Kairo crew. You are one of a kind. Thanks for making your platform available to all citizens of all walks of life in the Gambia willing to express themselves likewise learn about responsible citizenship. Thank all you out their at Kaironews for the selfless sacrifices you offered the country. Isn’t it all about this…….Yeah, its all about what good we can do for the Gambia and not what Gambia can do for us. You guys are not just praise worthy but proud worthy indeed. Thanks to all other online media alike who relentlessly mediated to Gambians about their rights to freedom of expression in the country’s well despised political state of affairs.

    Thanks to all the noble statesmen and women who died in the hands of the worst dictator of the continents history. From The 2000 student massacre victims, Solo Sandeng, Solo Nkurumah, Ousman Koro Ceesay, Sarju Kunjang, Basiru Barrow and co., Ndure Cham and co. The 30 Dec. Peoples’ Rescue Squad etc. etc. Thank you all for demonstrating to us it worths it all. The country’s urban plazas across the country need your statures. Your families though have gone through the most horrible times, let them be urged to keep up spirits high. GOD (ALLAH) bless you all.

    God bless Hon. Ousainou Darboe and the hon. Udp executive who are presently under illegal incarceration. We can only thank you all. The country can’t pay your families in kind for your sacrifices and exemplary statesmanship. God watch over your entire lifes and healths- mental and physical. Thanks to God, your struggles, evidently did not go in vain.
    And finally, not the least, I want to take the opportunity to plead to the honorable opposition party leaders to take the young people’s critique of their stance in the status quo with good faith. Please accept it as something necessary to make something or bring about something. Big kudos to Hon. Omar Jallow, Hon. Halifa Sallah and colleague- Sidia Jatta; they proved me real wrong. You guys are indeed who you were. I think I’d rather be learning from you still. It is not hypocrisy. Its real matured politics taking off in the Gambia in my opinion. Thanks to Hon. Amat Bah, Hon. Isatou Touray, the all the leaders of the patriotic parties in of this historic political unity of the Gambia thanks God Allah, you were there. You guys make us proud. I have never won anything big like it in my whole life. Thanks to all you humble men whose name I have not mention. God bless Barrow president elect, and God Allah bless the Gambia till eternity.

  3. God Allah bless the Hon. Statesmen and women of the opposition coalition or what the right political term is, for the tremendous task they resolved amongst themselves to many peoples surprise. You deserve every love and respect from the ordinary citizens. I won’t bother to go over reading all these congratulation messages all week long. I just love reading them. It’s that it pumps my heart cool with new life and definitely a new trend of thought with regard to national affairs. Can’t write any better than those beautiful ones I already read. Please FREE Hon. Ousainou and co. of statesmen and women b/right now! God Allah bless all citizens and goodwill friends of the Gambia. May he shed more light in the hearts of those who badly needed it. GOD ALLAH bless the REPUBLIC OF THE GAMBIA.

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