Why Jammeh Fears Coalition Victory

pixlr_20161129212549899Following a successful nomination and nationwide campaign tour of the united opposition coalition leader, Mr Adama Barrow, Dictator Yaya Jammeh has met with his trusted and closed aides, informing them about his contingency escape plan. Jammeh does not have the balls to hand over to his successor after a coalition victory on December 1st presidential election. The meeting, which took place in Kanilai, was attended by few closed military protection officers. The escape of former interior minister Ousman Sonko has heightened Yaya Jammeh’s insecurity to the extent that he is questioning the loyalty of his top security officers. Jammeh is also uncomfortable with the record opposition coalition crowd and the growing fearlessness among Gambians. Dictator Jammeh is aware that Gambians are ready for a regime change, despite his public defiance and outburst, which are meant to instill fear and bad blood in the country.

Like many brutal Dictators before him, Dictator Jammeh too is scared of the aftermath of his election defeat. He fears revenge from am opposition government, and has therefore arrived at a conclusion to flee into exile. Former Dictators of Libya and Iraq, Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussain, have all planned their exit strategy, although they could not escape danger. They were caught in their presumably safe heaven. Dictator Yahya Jammeh has similar hideouts and escape route in Kanillia. According to sources, this escape route is underground with an exit in Cassamance, Senegal and it was built some years ago.

The military leadership and loyal Army must take note of this contingency plan as we head towards December 1st election which will result to opposition coalition victory.

Gambian people should know that Dictator Yaya Jammeh is a coward who depends on few trusted military men in jugulars unit to carry out atrocities against defenseless citizens. Now that some of the members of this deadly unit (Jugulars) and loyal army have pledged to support and protect their fellow citizens, Gambian people must carry out their constitutional responsibility to vote massively for opposition coalition leader, Mr Adama Barrow. With massive opposition coalition supporters across the country and its victory, Yaya Jammeh has no option but to escape from the jurisdiction of The Gambia. In Kanilai, Jammeh lives in secret underground bungalow. This particular place is the hiding ground for the president whenever there is chaos or he feels insecure. This bungalow is located near the mosque in Kanilai and the mosque is painted green and white colors.

Below is well description of how to get to the said Bungalow which has been identified and monitored by patriotic citizens.

Upon entering the main entrance heading to the rest of the White House in Kanilai, there is a main gate guarded by soldiers from the top named the tower guards. After crossing this gate, you will be looking at two routes, one on the left and the other on the right separated by a lion statue in the middle. Before this place, there is public square on the right hand side of the road where festivals and programs takes place. The road on the right side is where building four compound is located. Building four compound is the main hideout for the Dictator. It is located on the left side on the right road from the lion’s statute. opposite side of building four is the protocol house. There is another military checkpoint at the main entrance of Building four compound. It is called Building four but it is like a huge community/compound with different sections of offices and houses. The Building four has another guard house like that of the statehouse in Banjul. Upon entrance in the compound, on the left there is a car parking lot or garage. offices for official purposes are located on the opposite side of this car garage.

There is also a mosque in building four located on the right. The mosque is also on opposite side of the residence of soldiers who live in Kanilai. The mosque is painted in green and white colors like most buildings in kanillia. Adjacent to the mosque in Building four compound, there is a house which has the underground. When you enter this house, entrance of the underground is located in the kitchen. The ground floor of the kitchen is covered with white tiles. The inside of this main underground hideout is painted with black and white colors. There is a getaway red small car inside this underground. This underground passes through the border into cassamance, Senegal where it has its exit. This is how Dictator Jammeh planned his escape route in Kanilai. This is the main reason why Yaya Jammeh feels very comfortable in Kanilai unlike Banjul where he feels very insecure.

Gambian people should understand that Yaya Jammeh is a coward who has already planned his escape route just like his mentor former Libyan Dictator Muammar Gaddafi who was caught in the rat hole as he tried to escape from oppressed Libyan citizens Dictator Jammeh, must understand that he cannot hide from Gambians and he has been busted.

Please publish. Gambians needs to know hideouts and the escape route of the Dictator.

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