The Cost Of Voting For Killer Jammeh

pixlrBy Siray Touray

Which Gambian can put his or her hand up and swear that Yahya Jammeh hasn’t committed murders, enhanced disappearances or tortures based on his personal dislikes or hatred. None of his acts is based on the rule of law. Jammeh can be stopped from killing and jailing innocent people by simply denying him votes.

Who made former Senegalese leader Abdou Diouf President? Votes or God? Who made Abdoulaye Wade (former Senegal leader) President? God or votes? How can Gambians sit and cowardly watch Yahya Jammeh commit evil crimes when they can send him packing by voting him out. But they don’t. Instead they blame God. Please leave God out of a killer President’s crimes. God has been and will always be good. Let’s also be. The only way to do that is to do the right and sensible thing.

If your grandma tells you that “God gives us a president.” You will not argue much.

However, if a young person tells you that “God gives us a president who kills his own people, jails elders based on political differences and does whatever he likes without minding about it illegality.” The conclusion will be “such persons need serious education.”

After 56 years of nationhood, Senegal changed the President through the ballot box four times. Don’t tell me that Gambians are not civilised enough to do the same in less than 48 hours. For us to succeed in our quest to bring about a meaningful leadership change, we must work hard before putting our trust and in God. Let no one blame God for our failures and backward ways of thinking, which trickle down to almost everything Gambian.

Our votes are our decision. If we choose to vote for a certified murderer, then we will all be guilty of committing torture, murder and evil. No two or three ways about it. The onus is on us to make the right moral decision and vote for the Coalition 2016 led by Adama Barrow. In that we can tell God “Jammeh kills Gambians on his own merit, not on our national endorsement.” I  certainly do not endorse Jammeh’s extrajudicial killings, tortures and disappearances. Raise your hands to clear yourself and walk to the election booth on Thursday and vote for President Adama Barrow. I trust the Gambia in his humble hands.


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  1. One thing I know is that Gambia will never be the same after December 1st ,2016. Our indigenous president Adama Barrow will be president of the republic of The Gambia. Yaya jammeh will be deposed and defeated . Our military will be transformed. We will have professional security services who respect human rights and rule of law . Jammeh and his militia members will be disarmed.

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