Jammeh Conspiring With Muhammmed Jah To Cleanse Bloody Hands

Muhammed Jah and Yahya Jammeh are like birds of the same feather!

Sensing that his tyrannical regime will be sent packing on December 2nd, Yaya Jammeh has hired a Chinese computer expert to help cleanse military officers with bloody hands. The said expert is working with Muhammmed Jah of Qcell to delete the record of all those military officers who have committed heinous crimes against defenseless citizens. According to sources, the Chinese is deleting the records of military officers and intelligence operatives from national security services database. This database includes national army whose members particularly the Jungular unit allegedly committed heinous crimes.

As I write this post, the Chinese computer gig is in the country on the invitation of Dictator Jammeh whose sole goal is to deny Gambians justice in a Third Republic. Gambians must understand that Muhammmed Jah is a strong supporter and business partner of the Jammeh dictatorship. He is on record for donating a brand new luxurious car to Yaya jammeh when the latter abruptly stamped on the former’s business interest.

As Jammeh prepares his exit strategy due to his fearful belief that he is not going to win the election, he is in the business of deleting all the bad records his regime has committed over the years. Muhammmed Jah must understand that Gambians are truly aware of his illegal business dealings with the brutal dictatorship and continuous favoritism Jammeh has accorded him over the years. Muhammmed Jah and Amadou Samba are hereby warned before hand that the supreme interest of Gambian people must supersede their selfish personal interest. Every action taken by these two unscrupulous businessmen are being monitored. During Jammeh’s 22 years of dictatorship, we have seen some Gambian businessmen who helped to oppress their fellow citizens because of their selfish business dealings with dictatorship. At this defining moment of our country’s political history, we cannot afford to have unscrupulous and greedy citizens continue their selfish operations to prevent the rule of law and justice prevail in the era of President Adama Barrow. For this simple reason, I hereby encourage Mr Jah to desist from helping the dictatorship to defeat justice hundreds of crying have been waiting for 22 years. While Mr Jah and other business leaders who made fortunes in the Jammeh era are rightly apprehensive about their future, we must guarantee that any Gambian with legitimate businesses in the country will be encouraged. In fact, where necessary job creating investors will enjoy incentives to stimulate economic growth.

Let those corrupt businessmen and women with questionable busineses understand that they cannot delete their dirty records because Gambian people are truly aware of your illegal businesses and deception in acquiring your wealth. This is a message to all those corrupt businessmen who are conniving with dictator Jammeh at the expense of Gambian people.


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