Jammeh’s Late Night Rituals

img-20161129-wa0066The Gambia’s abandoned leader is so obsessed with power that he will do anything to maintain it. Yahya Jammeh knows the fall of his hat seals his more than two decades of leadership but he still believes rituals can retain the crown. As noted in the story below, Jammeh on Monday displayed rituals at Sinchu Alagie in Kombo North.

I am part of the students who went to welcome Yaya Jammeh in Sinchu Alagie. Jammeh did not show up until midnight. When he arrived at the meeting ground, he sat down on the sandy soil and asked the students to sorround him. He was sat down with us the vulnerable students for a long time doing what I suspect is ritual. I want this to be exposed so that people know he should be responsible for whatever happens to the unsuspecting students.

Jammeh promised to hold his first meeting at Sinchu Alagie on Saturday. His supporters and students gathered and waited for hours in vain. It was at the 11th hour that that the meeting was cancelled. Two days later our school administration informed us that Jammeh expressed happiness about the turnout he saw on a recorded video clip. They told us that Jammeh would like to come personally to organise another meeting which took place on Monday at the same place. When he arrived at the meeting, Yahya Jammeh sat on the sandy soil. He asked students to surround him while he performed riruals. This was between 1 and 2am. Athough I did not participate in the session but many of my mates ignorantely joined Jammeh’s congregation. I believe that Jammeh turned up at Sinchu Alagie footbball pitch only to carry out his ritual.



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