Coalition’s Unwavering Momentum

img-20161125-wa0249img-20161125-wa0272img-20161125-wa0382img-20161125-wa0293img-20161125-wa0310After a successful upcountry campaign, the Coalition last night entered the Kombos with a tumultuous momentum characterised by huge yapping, clapping and waving. As seen in the pictures, it is clear that the Coalition presidential candidate Adama Barrow is on a victory path. Election is won by several yardsticks. These include likeability and passion which are all on the side of Barrow.


  1. I am hopeful that the wind of change has finally arrived in The Gambia. This is people’s revolution and desire to take back their country. No evil forces or plan by the dictatorship can prevent jammeh’s defeat and subsequent change of regime. With the help of patriotic citizens on the guidance of the Almighty God , the despicable tyrant will be gone on December 2nd , 2016. We must continue to use social media and other technological innovations in our campaign to educate our indigenous citizens about their rights to have government which truly represents their common interest and the government which respect their fundamental human rights and dignity. President Adama Barrow is the choice of the people. Let’s all continue our efforts to the finish line. Jammeh is on the verge of escape from the country. He has already planned his exit strategy.

  2. First of all, allow me to thank and praise Allah first who make this unify coalition to rescue our motherland from 22 years brutal heartless dictator tyrant monster YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH’S ADMINISTRATION. Having said that, I think we the Gambians from abroad and back home should first and foremost engage on prayers first not to be like November 8th, 2016 election results here in America. I am absolutely confident and hopefully that if we all engage on prayers be a Christians or muslims Gambians, the only ONE ALLAH will definitely answer our prayers that will uproot this evil tyrant monster YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH from the power coming on Thursday December 1st, 2016. Insha Allah. We can be hopefully but let us all take even 5 minutes out of time and pray to Allah to uproot and remove even tyrant monster YAHYA AJJ JAMMEH’S footsteps from Gambia soil.
    Thank you all.