Coalition To Restore Democracy

img-20161117-wa0197The leader of the opposition coalition has told his supports that, if elected, his government would restore Gambia’s fledgling democracy and good governance.

Adama Barrow, speaking at rallies in Central River Region, said if elected president, the coalition government would respect the human rights of the citizens and the frequent unlawful arrests in the country would be halted.

Barrow reiterated that in line with the coalition agreement, he would only serve three years as president, if elected; then the country will go to a free and fair election.

Apparently excited by the large turnout of people, the coalition leader said come 1st December, “change is inevitable”.  He called on the jubilant supporters to “vote massively” for him.

Barrow said his priorities also include bringing holistic development to every part of The Gambia, with special emphasis on the areas of agriculture, health, and education, as well as infrastructural development in the areas electricity, roads and other areas.

At meetings in Kaur and Niamina, Barrow said the coalition government is well poised to “salvage the country from its present state to a more prosperous future”. 

Barrow also lamented the current state of agriculture in Niamina, saying agriculture in the community has collapsed to a level that even farmers cannot produce their own food anymore. 

He said the coalition government would revamp the agriculture sector and the economy through investments and job creation for Gambian youths. 

He also paid tribute to the jailed ex-leader of UDP, lawyer Ousainou Darboe, whom he referred to as “a great patriot who sacrificed his life to ensure Gambians have a dignified and free life”. 

“Darboe is my mentor,” he added.

At Kaur, both Barrow and Omar Jallow (alias OJ) promised to revitalise Kaur as the trade centre that it was.

Earlier on, Barrow had promised to get new ferries for the ferry crossing points in the country, particularly Banjul-Barra.

He also promised to put a stop to the frequent firing of civil servants, and create a civil service where people would have security of employment and peace of mind.

Source: The Point


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