Personal Plea To All Gambians


By Muhammad Bai Drammeh
My Gambian brothers and sisters, my fathers and my mothers, my uncles and aunts, my nephews and my nieces, my sons and my daughters, my grandfathers and my grandmothers; I am appealing to you to go out and vote for the sake of democracy.
For all of us, it is our responsibility to ensure that we do not fall for the provocations that get our reactions. We are the most matured politicians and our integrity is second to none. Let us all ensure that we deliver our message with clarity. For those of us in the Diaspora, we have a role. We need to help in donating towards the causes of democracy with this genuine intention of salvaging our dear Gambia from political decadence, misrule and democratic absence. We need to call our people back home and participate in civic education. We must all refrain from and completely desist from the use of profanity. Remember that Jammeh want to label us, let us not give him the platform. Let us engage The Gambian people and very soon the APRC will go low and if they do we go high. I understand the exasperation of the people for the disparaging and condescending remarks that were made but we must act and not react. We must act by going out to vote. We must vote; we have to vote; we should vote and we should not let Solo Sendeng down. We must not let the unfair and cowardly incarceration of Ousainou Darboe go futile. This is our moment and it is our best chance. Let the euphoria go on with the APRC but let us speak with our votes. Go out and vote.Politics is the science of the state and the art of managing the affairs of the state. It is an art because it presupposes capability. Politics presupposes intellectual honesty and requires political maturity. A people cannot be liberated until they are free from mental incarceration. This requires civic education and demystification of Jammeh’s power. It is our responsibility to empower the Gambian people to enlightenment and this will ensure that misconception is eradicated.We are the people who represent hope over fear. Therefore we should all endeavor through extreme sterling qualities that our integrity is not question by any one. We will surely be provoked but we have an objective and our objective is to make sure that there is no voter apathy. Jammeh will bluff that neither votes nor any other form of might can remove him from power. This is just a psychological tactic to create voter apathy. Jammeh will vacate state house if you decide to vote for the coalition. We need about 450000 votes to ensure absolute victory.

This is a coalition of all parties save the GDC and therefore it is a coalition of transition.

O Gambians! What is your role in making history to our dear mother land. Let us assist in the cause of history in magnanimity. Let us especially in the Diaspora donate our finances in benevolence.

O Gambians! I am pleading with all you to do the country a favour.

O Gambians! Let us all desist from the pettiness of politics of insults and character vilification and engage Jammeh on how he fail the country’s democratic process and how we will rectify this.

This is the honourable path and we cannot fail. Please vote for Hon Adama Barrow and mobilise your families back home to vote for him.

Please Gambians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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