Embattled Gambian President Pleading For Vote At Night


Dictator Jammeh is not sick neither is he in hiding, he is pleading with North Bank elders at Night whilst staying in Farafeni. Understand how Jammeh works, do not fall for his clownish outlook. Diaspora needs to call their families and stop them feeling sorry for a killer who will never change! Any vote for Jammeh means endorsing all his crimes. Jammeh was told pointedly that he lost the country. Bala Jahumpa told Jammeh people are ashamed to associate with APRC after the killings of Solo Sandeng and co. Jammeh now wants to use his seat of office to plead and hand money for votes. Diaspora Gambians should continue to alert our people.
The media is reporting that the Gambian dictator Jammeh is hiding inside Farafeni military barrack since 14th of November, Monday for two nights but the reality is different. Yahya Jammeh has been a President of the Gambia for 22 years not by accident but by design and implementation of a clever strategy of ‘DIVIDE and Rule’ of the local Gambian communities.
President Jammeh has been sneaking out at night in Baddibou to visit prominent local elders of all the communities pleading them to forgive him and vote for him. He is at the same time creating the false rumors that he is afraid and that he is hiding or that he is sick. The reality is, Jammeh has mastered the art of dividing communities by visiting the elders separately. His insiders informed Kairo News that he visits the Fula communities in Baddibou and castigate their native residence, whilst also doing the same with the Mandinka and Fanafana communities.
He pitted communities against communities whilst he remains the benefactor of the suspicions and division.
Gambian political analyst has failed woefully to expose this clever design whilst the focus remains on Jammeh’s hiring and firing and his jailing and killings. The seat of power of dictator Jammeh in his capacity to create suspicion and false rumors.
The Coalition 2016 is now so primed to defeat the incumbent that, Jammeh is willing to come down to earth and hand Kola nuts himself to elders with cash. The job for the coalition is to  reach out and highlight the national urgency and emergency at hand in ending 22years of madness and oppression.
The Gambian national army is disarmed. An army without arms is a ‘boy scouts club’. Hence, the Gambia’s salvation depends on our ‘votes’ not in the bullet’.
The simple strategy of the coalition is to demonstrate their national focus and pledge to offer the Gambia better institutions that will end the catastrophic ‘strong man’ type leadership of the murderous dictator.
The Coalition 2016 transition unity government will bring excellent technocrats and competent development oriented Gambians that will usher in an overhaul reforms in all departments of government.
The divide and rule and false promises need to be countered with oneness and unity and also an offer to end poverty and highlight the high cost of living and by assuring the population of creating a truly national reconciliation government.
We need all need to watch out for the night time politics by phoning our families twice a day between now and December on the 2. Gambians at home and diaspora must continue to bombard their families with stories of harrowing human right abuses that any vote for Jammeh means endorsing and approving the killing and jailing of Gambians on false grounds.

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