Rampant Bewitching Of Children in Gambia

watermelon2Voodoo dictator Jammeh gave out 49 Watermelon in Essau whilst on nation wide tour yesterday.
Every region has a waste of human flesh, a waste of space. And In Baddibou it cannot be more obvious than the master clown, the worthless Yankuba Touray.
After the evil and pathological killer criminal Jammeh abused the Gambian Mandinkas to his heart content. With Yankuba Colley APRC national mobiliser incapable of campaigning and Bala Jahumpa reporting from his quick tour of the country that, people are visibly angry and unprepared to associate with the APRC.
Who better to wheel out than the idiot and pathetic Yankuba. Yankuba Touray meet insecure Jammeh at the Barra ferry where he attended the Essau rally. With very poor attendance, Essau local councilor Fatou Sonko mobilised the Senegalese taxi drivers from Amdalaye to deceive Jammeh in Essau.
Jammeh gladly gave out cash to the Senegalese nationals passing themselves off as Essau people organised by APRC councilor Fatou Sonko. 49 watermelons was given to school children as charity, a sad spectacle that left parents upset.
Why is our idolatry head of State obsessed with bewitching Gambian children? Why all this endless charity to school children?
Jammeh spent the night in Farafeni. The tour has been reduced to 5 days we are told.
The battle now is for Gambians to stand up against the hoards of foreign nationals APRC is prepared to bring in to vote. This election is about Gambians versus non-Gambian voters.
Every single Gambian is feeling the pains of the hardship, however, will they once in their lives muster the courage to go out and vote against Jammeh? Or will our youths betray the nation?

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  1. Yankuba Touray is the most useless and the most ungrateful baddibunka i have ever known. This brother of nobody could be used by the dictator for his political interest and at the end of the day be dump. How pity is that? I am a baddibunka i will not tarnish the image of my fellow baddibunka, but for Yanks, he deserve this from me. “ONE GAMBIA, ONE NATION, ONE PEOPLE”