Missing Bundung Minor Found But

Ousman Daffeh The family of a missing 8-year-old boy in Bundung has finally breathed peace after their son was found alive and kicking. Ousman Daffeh, the son of Bakebba Daffeh and Jabo (Nyima) Sawo, went missing for more than 24 hours.

Ousman Daffeh went missing while playing with other children of his age on Thursday. His worried family left no stone unturned in their search for their son. Apart from reporting the matter to the national media, the Daffeh family also filed a complaint with the police. Even the spy agents have been put in the picture.

The story unfolded at a time when accusing fingers have been pointed at President Yahya Jammeh for using the state machinery to kidnap children. His marabout first broke the news that Gambian leader had planned to sacrifice 70 minors to his idols otherwise he would not win re-election. Since then stories of reported kidnappings of minors have filled the air, prompting families to keep close eyes on their children.

Ousman’s family has every reason to be worried. However, they have to choose their words while searching, fearing punishment by a government that threatened its citizens with prosecution if they fail to provide proofs of child kidnapping. One wonders what kind of proof the police are looking for.

Kairo News has learnt that NIA officials were concerned about the reportage of the child kidnapping online. Our source said the first thing the NIA Director General Yankuba Badjie asked the family of the missing boy was: “did you inform Fatou Camara and the online media about it?” The answer was no. He then promised to do his best to fish out the boy. The boy was found in Jabang village in Kombo South 30 minutes later. How Ousman Daffeh landed in Jabang was not properly answered. The NIA’s only assumption was that Ousman followed the APRC nomination crowd to Jabang.

Food for thought: let families of missing children or persons cause noise and confront the police and the NIA. It’s an election year and as such we must not be complacent and rule out anything out. Some people will sacrifice human being just to become president. Albinos in Tanzania seek special protection during an election year because their body parts are needed for rituals. Large number of albinos got killed on every election year. Who says human sacrifices cannot happen in the Gambia, especially when we have a leader who believes in idols and listens to their Satanic advice religiously?



  1. Scarlet Pimpernel

    From Bundung to Jabang, what a distance? Something is fishy.

  2. Indeed Scarlet, quite FISHY to say the least; master Ousman Daffeh at 8 years old isn’t capable to foot on his own from Bundungka kunda, through, Latri kunda, London Corner, Bakoteh & Sukuta all the way to Jabang “just carried away by aprc nomination” crowd fanfare…???

    If Ousman Daffeh at all witnessed that “crowd” it would’ve been by his home area in Bundung but wouldn’t have ventured far anywhere further away from the proximity of his home where he could surely find his way back rather than venture away that far to Jabang tens of kilometers away…

    Bakebba Daffeh & family are one of the most luckiest of this DEMONIC SADISTIC HAVOC era of unprecedented HUMAN SACRIFICES dwarfing the prehistoric times, to EVIL kanilai IDOLS in our only Gambia of all places in this modern day in twenty first century…??

    Surely young master Ousman must be able to recount to his parents on his own accord what really happened in his own comfort when asked out of duress; LUCKILY Ousman managed to get back safely where others HAVEN’T; this is by no means without the effects of Fatu Camara’s sensitization which caught the EVIL kanilai MURDERER & DEVILISH SATANIC AID ABETTERS on the back foot to counter the narratives; which left them with no choice but to produce Ousman safe back to the family in this critical juncture of their fight back for their UNSUSTAINABLE survival…

    What about Omar manlay Jabang’s kidnaping by aprc MILITIA posing as “cattle dealers wanting to buy cattle from Manlay’s livestock”, what would the so-called police & MURDEROUS nia say to that & others before in their kidnaps & forceful disappearances…?

    The Gambia MUST be saved by ALL & ANY MEANS NECESSARILY VIABLE to end this CATASTROPHIC ANARCHY of a kanilai PREDATORY VAMPIRE in human flesh; the collective Gambian efforts are SOLIDIFYING without an iota of doubt; we are getting better progressively & MUST continue to move in unison come WHATEVER MAY & get rid of yaya KILLER DEVIL jammeh by December 1st OR FROM THERE ONWARDS; INSHA ALLAH…

    Long live the Gambia…

  3. Unbiased Prince GB

    There is no amount of human sacrifices that could avail Yaya Jammeh on falling from political power days after the elections.

    Yaya Jammeh’s mother knows that she is on the varge of losing her son over his own stubbornness and crying over his dead body in the event of her son contradicting public willpower and choosing to use violence against political principles in coming days.

    Yaya Jammeh and his men are already being lured by false hope and lack of discipline to accept what have become of them after all the big mouthing they have been pricelessly selling.

    The Gambian people voted or not, elections have literally remove Yaya Jammeh from power already as proved on the ground by the coalition’s delegation on nomination day.

    So what is there to prove next that Yaya Jammeh is on his own political stupidity by telling people that election cannot remove him from power?

  4. Deyda Hydara aka Baboucarr Bojang , please stop your false propaganda. I know for the fact that you and pa ndery are both supporting GDC . I have read so many of your ridiculous letters on freedom newspaper . I have send my articles to freedom so many times , I cannot understand why they did not get them even though I used correct emails from their website. Can you please help me with another email so that I can challenge your nonsensical letters . You are pathetic and dishonest .

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