Kidnapping Stories Still Present Despite Police Denial

image-0-02-01-672f35f10036682418a306c7ffdd5c7133dd4656eb63387e6b89063910867d14-vimage-0-02-01-4223a9641e174b855e53705cfc0f8d39aa52e4c10787278980e496f8f4d8f160-vThe stories of human kidnapping, which bedevils the Gambia continue to cause fear and insecurity in the country. Despite the Gambia government’s denial that such stories exist, attempted kidnappings for President Jammeh’s reported sacrifice have not gone away. The story surfaced in Brikama today after some men got arrested for bundling three children inside a waiting pickup and sped away. The alleged kidnappers were intercepted by the Police Intervention Unit officers who handed them over to Brikama police. No one was allowed to have access to the men whose identies have not been disclosed.

img-20161110-wa0084Shortly before the government threatened to prosecute anyone found culpable of spreading stories of kidnapping without providing evidence, a man accused of attempted kidnapping was apprehended in Brikama last night. Our reporter visited the scene of the reported crime, took photos and talked to eyewitnesses.

Eyewitnesses reported that it all began when the heavily built man who looked like a foreigner gave lift to three high school girls to the Gambia College. The driver started speeding until he had passed their destination. Despite repeated request to stop, the driver continued to speed off. One of the girls threw herself from the car when she heard the driver saying, “Oga I am coming with three girls.” The driver kept speeding off until he slowed down to the flow of traffic. It was then that another driver observed that girls in the backseat needed help. He overtook the suspected kidnapper’s car before blocked him from moving. Large crowd of people gathered at the scene to hear the horror story of the girls. The suspected kidnapper was then handed over to police at Brikama. Instead of interrogating the suspect, the police reportedly released him soon after the crowd dispersed.

Meanwhile, Gambians have become extra security conscious to the extent that families either keep their children from going to school or excorting them.



  1. Unbiased Prince GB

    There is no amount of human sacrifices that could avail Yaya Jammeh on falling from political power days after the elections.

    Yaya Jammeh’s mother knows that she is on the verge of losing her son over his own stubbornness and crying over his dead body in the event of her son contradicting public willpower and choosing to use violence against political principles.

    Yaya Jammeh and his men are already being lured by false hope and lack of discipline to accept what have become of them after all the big mouth they have been pricelessly selling.

    The Gambian people voted or not, elections have literally remove Yaya Jammeh from power already as proved on the ground. So what is next then

  2. Are all Gambian people afraid to do things outside because of these kidnappings? I heard that.