Coalition Candidate Secures Nomination

img-20161109-wa0363The candidate of the opposition coalition standard bearer today secures nomination at the Independent Electoral Commission office in Kanifing. Record crowd accompanied Adama Barrow to the nomination ground amid fanfare. After securing nomination, opposition leaders and their supporters moved to the home of Lawyer Ousainou Darboe’s Pipeline home where Halifa Sallah and Adama Barrow addressed the crowd. The crowd sang the national anthem before travelling to the Buffer Zone in Talinding where a rally was held. The pictures of the nomination speaks for themselves.



  1. Our new indigenous president with deep rooted connection with our people and the country. Thank God everyone is behind you .

  2. Wow…These are very impressive crowds..Hope the majority, if not all, possess voter’s cards and vote on.election day. .

    Congrats Mr Barrow and collective opposition, once again.

  3. Please let us urge all our love ones to go out and vote by all means on election day.The big crowd will not mean nothing if they don’t vote.Let us please all call home on the eve of the election to remind our love ones what is at stake once again.Let’s start our go out and vote campaign.We will try and fly drones at some polling stations to monitor and also probably, probably stream live either on Facebook or tweeter.Let us be like Americans by sending a shocking message to the APRC government in Banjul

  4. @Max, don’t drive the native Indian mad. He still have his
    Long live the opposition alliance for-the greatest happiness of the greatest number of the Gambia.