Jammeh’s Agents Kidnapping Gambian Children For Idol Sacrifices

Who will protect these innocent Gambian children?
Who will protect these innocent Gambian children from Jammeh’s idol sacrifices?

The broad daylight kidnapping of children for ritual purposes by Yahya Jammeh’s agents has demonstrated the weakness of Gambians. Yahya Jammeh, whose soul has been possessed by Satan, has reached the height of his madness. He is ready to slaughter 70 children (10 from each of the 7 administrative regions) to fulfill the demands of his idols. So far, more than a dozen children have disappeared after they were secretly kidnapped by the voodoo-infested leader’s agents. This prompted families to protect their children. Because time is running against him, Yahya Jammeh sent his agents to engage in broad daylight kidnapping of minors. “They tied children’s hands and threw them inside tinted glass vehicles and sped off,” confirmed a woman in Wellingara in Kombo North. “They have just kidnapped three in Wellingara and two in Piccadilly. Luckily, one woman fought with them until she rescued her child.”

As we write, thousands gathered at Bakoteh bridge where three children were kidnapped. It is also reported that children have started disappearing in the provinces.

Seers have long since predicted that Yahya Jammeh’s leadership would survive on innocent bloods. It is for this reason why people distance themselves from Jammeh’s crowd, fearing to die of state-sponsored fatal accident.

Instead of engaging in national uprising, Gambians are talking of preventing their children from going to school or playing ground. How sustainable is that considering the fact that parents need to go out and about in search of their daily bread? We concur with one crying mother that “if Gambian men don’t man up soon Yahya Jammeh will come after women.”

Gambians must rise up and show the devilish leader their full might. They must not expect Allah to come from Heaven and rescue their children. Islam requires Muslims to protect their lives and properties with their souls. Prophet Musa’s doctrine of “soul for soul” is only left on the table for Gambians right now. Identify agents who use taxis or numberless vehicles to kidnap your children and make life unbearable for them. Go after their children. Revenge in equal measure will solve the problem.



  1. Alimatou Sarr

    Allah Akbar! This is a national crisis. A man should be ready to die to protect his family. It looks like our men are only good at impregnating women. Who will fold your hands when your child is abducted on a broad daylight?

  2. Anta Diop

    Let our men surrender their pants to us women. They have failed us.

  3. This is really bad for my taste and feels like a hammer jam on my head moms. We’ll have to desist from attitudes that would warrant a clothes’ swapping. I think you have all reasons to be this distressed especially being a mom. It is due and prior onto fathers to protect the lives of the children that are sought for. All diaspora are not observers.

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