Coalition Shakes Up Army Chief; Promotes Fear And Hatred

pixlrEvidently, not only President Yahya Jammeh has been shakened by a coalition of seven Gambian opposition parties. Most of Mr. Jammeh’s officials seem unprepared for a unity coalition. They all murmur their shock except the Army Chief of Staff, Lt. General Ousman Badjie, who has been selling fear and hatred in military installations in the country.
Insider sources said CDS Badjie had not expected that major opposition parties would agree to field in a single candidate against President Jammeh on December 1st elections.
During impromptu meetings with soldiers and paramilitary officers, Badjie’s mantra had been “Mandinkas want to start violence and they must be stopped. Jolas (Badjie’s tribe) danced for the Mandinkas for 30 years, but we wonder why they (Mandinkas) don’t want Jammeh anymore after 20 years,” hate-filled Badjie said, ordering the army “to be ready to kill any troublemakers because nothing will come out of it.”
Badjie, whose audiences felt disturbed by his alcohol stench, also instilled fear among security officers saying most of them are illiterates and that a change of government means loss of their jobs. “Therefore,” Badjie added, “your salvation lies to your undivided support for President Jammeh. You must support the President if you want your job,” he said, describing the security forces as Jammeh’s last hope.
Lt. General Badjie has pre-empted President Jammeh’s campaign mantra which hinges on tribalism instead of on policies and programmes. “President Jammeh’s goal is to make the campaign about Mandinka-Jola issue rather than opposition party versus ruling party,” our sources said, warning people to be wary of any outbreak of violence by a desperate leader who knows his leadership has come to an end. “Provoking violence will be the last kicks of a dying horse.”


  1. It is only in The Gambia that we can have an idiot like Ousman Bargie to be called an Army chief of staff . Bargie is not even qualified to head any military installations much more to be called a chief of staff . Majority of the so called generals are tribalists and are not qualified to be in the military in the first place . Bargie and the rest of his tribalists militia must realize that their days are numbered along with dictator jammeh . Patriotic Gambian military officers with better education and military standard of ethics and capabilities will be in control of our army when the tyrant is gone . No more foreign militia forces in our country. Likes of Bargies brothers in our national security apparatus will never happen again .

  2. in love with Gambia

    This PIG ( YAHYA JAMMEH ) only cares about who will be willing to kill for him, he doesn’t care or want any qualifications to run any institutions in the Gambia. Just look at heads of most of government departments for your self. Even a piece of poo poo is better than Yahya Jammeh. CHEM LAKAT.

    • He ‘Yaya Jammeh’, is indeed a wicked, jealous and venemous hearted being who loves to see people crawling low infront and behind him and he wish citizens of the Gambia turn objects for him to shelve and stock-check every morning. He loves people acting on his behalf to conspires and carry out atrocities against others living in the same communities and same extended families.
      Yaya Jammeh symbolises and represents our evils, culturally, traditionally and even religiously levelled against each other over a long period of time in the Gambia, that eventually reached the bursting stage that responsible Gambians are trying to resolve. It is a despicable situation in my opinion too, that need an urgent solution but failure to learn from this political predicament and its resolve today, can perpetuate political backwardness in the Gambia for generations to come, and God/ALLAH forbid though he can’t be blamed for these conditions of the country..

  3. A campaign theme solely centred on insulting, vilifying and threatening the Mandinkas with extermination, will be highly welcomed. It is the surest way to nail the coffin of this dying regime sooner or later.
    Lets just continue our unity effort in the opposition camp and left them with their narrow mindset. After all the consensus opposition candidate is not a mandinka per se.

  4. Unbiased Prince GB

    @Max and my fellows

    Yaya Jammeh and his evil men have let power greed consumed their hearts, minds and souls whereas turning to bitter enemies of their own selves. What is about to happen in coming weeks would socked them worse than the detriment of Gambians opposition coalition finally nominating their leadership which in itself is an election victory for the opposition in the country with or without elections.

    There is no amount of marabou consultation or genies summoning or any amount of infidelity prepared on the electoral commission or on Gambian voters by Yaya Jammeh and his evil followers could change the inevitable that is about to become of the failed APRC regime and their adulterate leadership.

    I have seen Yaya Jammeh’s dead body twice in my visiting of rare sight. It had been revealed to me that, due to Yaya Jammeh believing in violent force to help him remain in power despite the loss of many lives to happen, he would fundamentally lead himself to his own death thus from an intense bloodbath that he himself have stubbornly instigated after being defeated in an election. Also, the soldiers that he has been leading during that fight for power, all get killed to the last man by only a handful but seriously brave guys. Another force or fighters of Yaya Jammeh try to counter attack in vain and not knowing that Yaya Jammeh was already muttered.

    As matters stand in that view, Yaya Jammeh have got nothing left to remain in power, but only a matter of time. If he decides to contradict Nature’s order, then he would be on the journey of walking himself to his own grave and that he knows too well.

    Please fellow Gambians, you can ask your own spiritualist if I could be misleading in this case.


  5. Don’t even give it a grain of crap what those silly unspecialised, unsophisticated and socially unskilled military chiefs are thinking of about the Gambia’s unfolding opposition political events. Hope the entire membership of the Gambia’s military are not as coldblooded, unintelligent and persons of shrouded origins like the dagerously silly chief of staff and clique. What is it he got to do or move in the countries constitutional affairs?
    It is time for the members of the Gambia’s military of decent citizenry mindsets, to roll out forward a new thread of thought in contrast to their lack of military attitude in carrying out a criminal state’s orders against the innocent citizens.

  6. We are all able retired military personnel and waiting for that moment to come. The armouries and the ARMS will be in our hands and will kick out this mother fuckers out within couples of days and clean the country of all dirt.

  7. Based on Jammeh’s track record and his utterances, I will urge the opposition coalition not only to prepare for elections, but also prepare for war.

    As Saul has articulated earlier, Jammeh will never concede defeat in the up coming elections, and the outcome will depend how the collective opposition responds to his bravado.

    He will use force to threaten and terrorize Gambians. As the case of Solo Sandeng and others show, he will have no qualms in using deadly violence against peaceful people.

    If the coalition is not thinking on those lines, then they are making themselves and their supporters cannon fodder for Jammeh’s.


  9. What I cannot understand,why this people always talk about mandinka? My mother is a mandinka and I hate when yahya and his people talk about mandinka.This is not mandinka issue,is coalition. The leader is not even mandinka then why still this people hate mandinkas.
    I don’t like war but if yahya don’t mind there will be war in the Gambia if he did not leave Mandinkas alone.

  10. Now my stand is, What organization or group is in standby in case these stupid pigs want to kill our people? Also are we in contact with Mandingos in Ivory, Liberia and Seira Leone, Guinea Bissau and Conakry? These Mandingos are proud and have also experienced what we are about to go through. Please our Mandingo brothers consider this I have mentioned here. To my brother of non Mandingos, please understand that this is not against you. Our Nation The Gambia is going through rough time and Mandingos are singled out and threatened with genocide. We welcome you to join us or please stay neutral. Kairaba!

  11. In that case, just to buy a ticket and come to the Eco-zone. That is no one’s wish but what can you do when you’ve seen it before you eyes that your life, children and women’s and properties are vulnerable to being ravened by a thoughtless, unexperienced and trigger-happy president of state and his clique of khaki-ed ignorants. The Mandinkas of other west African countries might not be needed. Their kids need them at home.

    • Am sure we would be able to handle them. But in case it may be needed to ravage Cassamance. And for that too there is enough Gambians to do that. We will drag them out of the holes they came from

      • We don’t need ravage Cassamance dude. The logistics, in my opinion, should be angled at defending lifes, properties and borders of the Gambia. It should be left to Senegal if they should ravage Cassanmance to curb with guerrilla in it’s forests.
        We should hope for a peaceful democratic process to bring the change otherwise many citizens of decent consciences will have no choice but fearlessly and selflessly stake their lifes as pawns in the process in doing it.

  12. This is a Gambian, subregional & humanity fight; yaya KILLER DEVIL is REALISTICALLY EVIL beyond human comprehensions; Mandinkas, just like any other ethnicities all have rights to opinion on the affairs of State collectively owned as a people…

    Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, the Koromas in Sierra Leone, Liberia & anywhere within & without the subregions, & late Ebrima Solo Krummah are the very same family units scattered across by migration & intertwining over a period in humanity; their surnames or family names maybe be spelt it pronounced differently pending on areas inhabited…

    In nutshell, humanity in fact is so intertwined naturally that Mandinka, Manjago, Serrer, Fula, Wolof, Jola, Sarahuleh, Aku, Karoninka, papel, Manswanka, etc etc etc are all but different surnames only; & probably culturally too BUT are THE VERY ONE SAME FRATERNITY FAMILY in modern day states today worldwide…

    Every Gambian, NOT mandinka alone & ALL other tribes & ethnicities too all have siblings, cousins, friends, colleagues in blood & other interrelations as compatriots & human beings…

    The eventuality is for the WHOLE Gambia including ALL other tribes & well-wishers NOT just for Mandinkas alone; it’s natural instinct that all & every Gambians whether on the ground within or abroad prepare ourselves in reactions to finish off the salvage reclaim from all possible treacherous gimmicks of the DYING kanilai MURDER & CABAL MERCENARIES on show…

    Long live the Gambia…