GDC Copies Jammeh’s Politics Of Planting Lies


GDC Intends The Biggest Lie in Brikama

As we all know, President Jammeh is still a soldier in mind and he runs the Gambian State using intelligence and counter-intelligence networks.
He relies heavily on Bold lies and hopeful fabrications. Since news is controlled and the public starved of correct information, Jammeh cemented his rule with endless lies and threats to anyone honest enough to expose his lies. Deyda Hydara and many others killed or exiled.
GDC has within it many former NIA agents and the worry is, they too have copied the Jammeh style of relying on lies to campaign.
We intercepted a GDC mega lying propaganda message which states that 600 UDP supporters will cross-carpet to GDC on Saturday at a rally in Brikama.
To debunk the lies, follow the sequence:
GDC just concluded a nationwide tour which was the biggest failure, even their entrance to Brikama was abysmal and sad. Yet, a week ago, no one in Brikama jubilated or welcome GDC in numbers, and then the following week, 600 UDP supporters are convinced to support a party that the whole country is seeing as Jammeh backed and surrogate of APRC?
Follow the intelligence trail:
GDC was saying, 300 APRC supporters join them
GDC is claiming to be taking its supporters from APRC before the battle lines are drawn.
As soon as the clear lines surfaced, GDC said, UDP supporters are joining them up to 600 from the hardest place of all, Brikama!!!!
GDC too is fooling a lot of gullible supporters who may have fallen in love with Mama Kandeh either due to his looks or other baseless things.
GDC cannot get any UDP supporter at the current atmosphere, unless GDC does what APRC are good at, offering large sums of money for votes, and even that, is not possible since GDC are themselves incapable of doing that. Financially they are handicap.
Brikama people the ball in your court, GDC will ferry their own people to your Town Centre and use camera tricks to claim that they are from Brikama and members of UDP.
Again, borrowing from APRC, the use of lies as a tool to deceive people.
GDC please be serious, with the 22 years of APRC politics they could never get any such cross carpet from UDP.
Gambians have seen the honeymoon of Mama Kandeh come and gone, if Kandeh is serious, and for once let him be serious. Politics is not about being a playboy or playing dangerous games with the lives of Gambians. This is a full-blown tyranny. People have died and are continuing to suffer. No one gains by playing with other people’s pains and suffering, not even cold-blooded Gambians.
Brikama UDP supporters are fully behind the opposition coalition and so are many areas in Kombo and the Gambia. People want unity and change, let GDC and Isatou put their acts together. No more fake propaganda or intelligence tricks.
Gambians let us be smart and don’t fall for lies.

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  1. Reyal Briks man don’t run joker business and they don’t like no hipokrit jokers like Kandeh and his frens.
    God bless coalition. Long live Briks. long live Gambia.

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