Dr. Touray Disgraced Herself And Our Democracy


By Alagi Yorro Jallow

Dr. Isatou Touray is one of those folks who want to ruin if they cannot rule. In a school yard she will be called a spoiled brat. In politics she is a dangerous demagogue with a dictatorial streak. Dr. Touray disgraced herself and our democracy by refusing to accept or questioned the credibility of the coalition process of selecting a standard bearer. Less than three weeks from Election Day, she has offered the latest example of why she is deeply unfit to be president of The Gambia. She has no interest in uniting the nation and has exhibited a stomach-churning disregard for our democracy and stained our political history.

In such a concept of public deliberations, intellectual and expert commentators are seen to play a crucial role by representing various positions in a debate, and critically engage with issues. They are also assumed to bring specialist knowledge or complexity to the discussion.While intellectuals are often defined as members of a learned intelligentsia, popular thinkers, drawing on grassroots experience, who engage in pertinent issues in reflective and complex ways are recognized. Gramsci spoke of all men as intellectuals, allowing for the existence of what he called “organic intellectual”, but he also observed that “not all men” have in society the function of intellectualism. Others have argued notably. Edward sees intellectuals as thinkers who are independent of the state and other interest, have an obligation to “speak the truth to power.” What is most strange in The Gambia is the so-called intellectuals, a majority of whom have dubious educational qualifications and or have educational standings, if any. Who have usurped the role of identifying what constitutes an intellectual life? The intellectual negotiating for space in the public arena where intellectual politicians are negotiating for dominance.

The nature and role of intellectuals includes the search for the truth, the interrogation of the meaning and implications of both public conduct and policy decisions. Individuals close to power who argue certain positions cannot be true intellectuals, individuals who take on the guise of the intellectual in order to promote embedded political positions are pseudo intellectuals. Where is Dr. Sedat Jobe? He abandoned the struggle after all the agitations and sensations on social media. Did he finally become silent because he could not lead the diaspora leadership after the Raleigh Summit?

One of the most aggravating aspects of contemporary political discourse is the smug, self-aggrandizing confidence of our so-called overeducated talking heads who struggle to talk to the poorly educated voters.

In politics what is deemed effective is alpha male behavior: the ability to perform, to dominate, to make quick, tough decisions and not be distracted by emotion.

Within meritocracy, we have women who cannot or will not make any claims for womanly skills or capabilities.

Although politics is hugely gender-imbalanced, there is an understanding on the part of both women and men that it should be a gender natural space of competition: a simple, though unexamined, meritocracy. Whoever is best at politics, gets chosen. Period!

In addition, the politician has come to free the baggage of family – willing to put everything aside to give political service, unproblematically, at all hours of the day. At the moment of selection, it is those women who can demonstrate most of these macho qualities that are chosen for office.

I believe in our Gambian democracy. I believe the sovereignty of the electorate cannot be dictated by the dictatorship of the intellectuals or by revolving door politicians.

This coalition is an opportunity for visionary politicians who were at Kairaba Hotel seeking a new political dispensation for the thousands of sickened voters. We have been desperately crying for change and must not allow anything to derail us from getting our country back.



  1. I couldn’t agree with you more Mr Jallow. Dr Touray seems to belief that by merely declaring her candidacy as an independent candidate, all political parties should endorse her. So sad to watch arrogance ruin a potentially great political career. Come down to earth my dear sister and consult with other parties. The convention was not meant to select an independent candidate as u erroneously stated in ur press release. It was meant to build a consensus behind a single candidate independent or party sponsored. Join us my dear and lets take our country back from the brink.

  2. Dr Touray has committed a political suicide when she refused to Join the opposition convention and subsequent coalition. Dr Touray entrance into Gambia’s political scene came at a time when majority are desperately looking for a patriotic Gambian who will unite all the opposition parties and eventually lead to formation of opposition coalition. Her biggest qualification is the education which became her egocentric destructive factor in her pseudo-political amateurism. As a newbie without any political experience in our national politics, Dr Touray became a political whore who want to position herself as a typical political opportunist. At the beginning of enterance , I quickly called on her to align herself with udp leadership and other political parties leaders if she want to be successful. As a greedy opportunist who has been silenced during 22 years of terror , humiliation and continuous suffering that our country and her citizens have endured, Dr Touray finally showed up to crash our political environment like a lonely unweded party crasher. To her surprise and self gratification, she claimed to be marginalized and discriminated by those who has been fighting to restore democracy , the rule of law and constitutional rule into our country at opposition convention where a cheerleader was duly elected by vast majority of patriotic citizens across the country . As Dr Touray struggled to explain herself to unsuspecting and desperate supporters , she claimed to come to our political scene to teach future young people about leadership responsibility and accountability in The Gambia. According to her explanation, the whole process was flaw and undemocratic in every conceivable way. With such a nonsensical utterance and outright total disrespect to our collective intelligence, Dr Touray became the worst political adventurist whose political demise and cremation will be takes place immediately after December 1st , 2016 election . One would have thought that the so called Doctor would be actively seeking the support of the most experience politicians who have spend their entire life advocating for justice and the rule of law but the learned and self entitled little old grandma thought that men and women with wisdom and foresight will easily handed her coalition flag bearer without any trial or at least some efforts on her part. As she suspected that things would not go her way , Dr Touray disappeared in thin air at night only to nurse herself sustaining wound as a desperate housewife throughout the 72 hours period when she was briefly informed of her long absent from political theater. As she later appeared in the morning with this life threatening wound at press conference, she complained like a five year old girl who had her toys being snatched away by unsuspecting boy who has no entitlement whatsoever. Dr Touray and her surrogates had to blame Mrs Fatoumata Tambajang for not cheering up to her girlfriend who desperately want to be a cheerleader. Mrs Tambajang was blamed for unfairness , lack of openness , being nice to her male politicians and above all being undemocratic. Dr Touray and her surrogates thought that Gambian people will be hook winked by another greed citizen who solely objective is to lead our country at all cost . We have learned our lessons after 22 years of terror and bastardization of our meager resources. One of the greater lesson we learned from this tyrannical regime is that we will never allow any human soul to control our lives collectively and impose his or her will on Gambian people. This is the verdict of history that every politicians must learn. Yaya jammeh is the last soul to decieve and lie to entire population for so long without any accountability.
    Isatou Touray , it is time you pack your belongings and leave The Gambia. You can come to your son in Minnesota for a vacation and care for little babies who needs companion as their hardworking parents goes to work. You have committed a political suicide .

  3. Unbiased Prince GB

    @Mr Yorro Jallow 😱

    You seem very distressed by the eager of wanting to see more than just the pretentious character that is indeed witted with ignorance from a so call Doctor (Isatou Touray) who is not even doctoral by any intellectual ability to resemble otherwise.
    But seriously my dear pal, you just need to stop expecting the least that she is really good at and has never been in any shortage of publicly displaying it as already pal.
    The bottom line here is that Mr Yorro, Ms Toury and her so call political party are nothing but utter nonsense and political distractions and obstructionism to the main agendas for Gambians fundamental democracy and liberty which is at stake to remain unchanged.

    When I get round to my PC pal, I should certainly be able to stretch my points on your article. But as for now buddy, I just want you and every person to realise that every political liter and wast of space or time that you get anywhere in Gambia today, is that so call Doctor Isatou Touray who cannot endoes or encodes maturity on our already growth of Gambianism which is full of loyalty to Allah and His creation that the new Gambian opposition coalition has stand to prove.

    Thanks for your eye opening remarks on Ms Isatou Calanteh Touray’s position as a weirdo who is lost in her own shadows nonetheless

  4. Dr Touray Pls contact Aja Yam Secka for advice on self comportment and political consensus building. I pull my hat for this wonderful lady. Aja Yam the UDP, the coalition and the entire country owe you a lot of gratitude. Thank u so much Ma. May Allah grant u long life in good health and peace of mind and may we celebrate the third republic in 2017

  5. As a supporter of an inclusive selection process and more so unflinching supporter of women participation in the top echelons of our power dispensation, I am equally aghast at the turn of events Dr. Touray and team have set in motion since the inglorious absence from the convention last Sunday.

    The inglorious debacle is well summarized by Demba Baldeh in Gainako titled “Dr. Touray and her team Erred”. The fundamental reason why I and many well-wishers champion Dr. Touray’s entrance in the race for opposition flagbearership, was because she presented an opportunity for consent. If that consent can be achieved with or without her as flagbearer, then the mission is accomplished.

    I appeal to Dr. Touray to act in a manner that does not inflame rhetoric and refrain from indictments and name calling. I also appeal to GOFER and the flagbearer to refrain from any reactions to Dr. Touray’s accusations of foul play. The job ahead now is to invite Dr. Touray, if willing, to a discussion about her role in the coalition before and after the election.

    In substance, it should be noted that there were no other alternatives, at material time and circumstances, to the process that resulted in committing 7 political parties to an outcome that was achieved on 31st oct. 2016. I expect Dr. Touray to be shrewd enough to acknowledge this fact and also acknowledge the message embedded in the overwhelming delegate vote that went to Adama Barrow. It couldn’t be clearer what the cross-section of the society want!

  6. For some us without an idea at all who was out there aspiring to lead an opposition coalition, and who is leading now, to happen to be Hon. Adama Barrow; an agreement of such magnitude is a landmark on the Gambia’s political landscape that is quite promosing to its future generations.
    I believe many participant do care for a better home that they can be sincerely proud of, a possible reason of there participation and not because they have political ambitions or aspirations for public offices. Who fails to realise the truth that one feels proud like bursting seeing your citizens are winning nobel peace prizes and world atheletics and sports event’s gold medals. This is the kind of properous ventures nuturing our democracies will leads us to.
    Hope Dr. Isatou Touray too is not uncessarily vilified for her party’s failure to join the convention but to be relentlessly approaching her with the oppositions already demonstrated political steps of maturity. Its never too late; they say.

    • Yours is foresight! I am blasting in the same horn. Dr. Touray must not be vilified but she must quickly and unequivocally give her blessing to the outcome of the convention and close ranks immediately. For the common good!

  7. All well stated fellows; the Gambia is what matters for us all; wether one is leading at the forefront or following behind, contributing one’s constitutional quota to one’s ability is what is necessary & expected of & from everyone including the leadership aspirants, & nothing else…

    If Dr Isatou Touray will live true to her “inclusive postures” now is the time to stay & remain true to the cause of Gambia above anything else first; no other contestant could’ve outdo the number of delegate votes scored by the incumbent flag bearer Adama Barrow….

    Isatou & all others can & have all the time to test their individual popularities in the next subsequent presidential elections in the third republic on freer & equally levelled political field if so desired…

    GOFER shouldn’t relent but can still keep contacts & engaging both Isatou & GDC to reflect on hindsight, as all opposition votes are better together against the kanilai DEVIL; the collective majority of Gambians are moving in unison with or without any ‘individualists’, perceived & real…

    History continues on record INDELIBLY into posterity; Wolofs say “…yakamtee yahulleh…”

    Now is time for all liberation committed Gambians to tighten our collective belts together to aggressively confront the MURDEROUS OPPRESSIVE kanilai KILLER DEVIL to accomplish the liberation struggle by “hook or crook”…

    Long live the Gambia…

  8. Dr Touray has two choices , one to join the coalition so that she can have future in politics or two she can contest as an independent candidate which will result to end of her political journey . It has been reported that she has joined the coalition after consultation with opposition leaders . This is right thing to do . We all welcome her entrance into politics even though she has given blind eye to atrocities committed in the past 22 years . If she want to lead , it is Gambian people who will decide that . Mr Barrow had landslide victory and he is given 100% mandate to lead the coalition. we must all rally behind him to ensure his victory. Mama kandeh is a betrayal and untrusthworthy citizen. I hope kaironews and other outlets now begins to expose him more to destroy his political career along side with his team. Mama is an enemy Just like jammeh . He cannot be trusted .

    • I don’t think undue prominence should be given to Mama Kandeh at this stage. We must concentrate on the incumbent and sell Mr. Barrow to the electorate. That they have to vote decisively for Barrow at the polls.