GYU Endorses Coalition Candidate

Fabakary CeesayGYU Press Release in regards to the Opposition Convention.

The Gambia Youth for Unity (GYU), officially endorses the Unity candidate, Mr Adama Barrow of the UDP, who was elected by members of the Gambian opposition through the successful consensus convention held at Kairaba Beach Hotel on 30 October 2016.

GYU, as a civil society movement operating in both the diaspora and The Gambia, was established in part to call for unity among Gambian political organizations and parties for our common good. The successful outcome of the convention shows the determination of our peoples’ call for unity. GYU hereby endorses the will of our people and urges each and every Gambian to coalesce around and support the leader of the unity candidate Mr. Adama Barrow.

The process that elected Mr. Barrow as our sole standard bearer was genuine, organized, transparent, approved by all participants, and therefore must be honored by all and sundry in order to achieve our common goal of removing self perpetual rule with impunity upon our people. GYU is hereby calling on all youths to fully participate in the political emancipation of our people and to do their part in fully supporting Mr. Barrow and the entire coalition team.

GYU also wishes to take this opportunity to call on all stakeholders to refrain from any written or verbal statements that can jeopardise our collective interest of unity in this volatile process of bringing down dictatorship in our country. We should all endeavor to continue to call for political unity and engage our families, friends, relatives and loved ones back home to also stand in solidarity and fully support our unity leader, Mr Adama Barrow.

Long live The Gambia political unity.

Yours sincerely GYU
Fabakary B. Ceesay
Acting Chair.
The Netherlands.


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