Big Dreams Supports More Gambian Students

Big Dreams Incorporated, a charitable organisation founded in Georgia, USA, in 2011, Monday donated over 300 bags, books, pens, pencils, electronic gadgets among other materials to schools in Upper Niumi District, North Bank Region.

The donation made to students in Albreda Upper and Senior Secondary School, Sika Lower Basic School and Mala Nursery School in Sika village, was part of the association’s aim of making a difference in the life of children all over the world.

The organisation also honoured the top NAT Exams students of Sika Lower Basic School with trophies, certificates and learning materials.

Mamina Ebrima Sonko, CEO and founder Big Dreams, speaking at the ceremony, said when you reward people for their hard work it motivates and encourages them to do more, which was why they want to have that in the schools system.

They started with Sika village in January when they provided learning materials to over 200 students, but want to expand, he added.

“We have to do what we can to empower our people,” he further stated, adding that they plan to do more with the help of Allah.

“As a Gambian and human being, in general, you should always think about where you came from and those that helped you get to where you are,” said Mr Sonko, a native of Sika village residing in USA with his family.

He pointed out that some Gambians in the Diaspora are very successful, but do not reach out to help government and our educators to invest in our children’s future.

“There is no better investor in The Gambia than Gambians themselves,” he added.

He called on all to help children so they would be able to compete in the global market.

He also appealed to the community of Sika village to allocate them land for the construction of the village nursery school.

Dominiquera Sonko, also CEO and founder Big Dreams, said their goal is to impact lives of one million kids around the world a year.

He added that they look forward to continue helping kids around the world.

Safiatou Sonko, Big Dreams fund-raiser coordinator, said they would continue to do as much as they could to help educate Gambian students.

Marquarciues Cherif Sonko, events coordinator Big Dreams, said the gesture was not a charity, but to empower students.

Alhaji Musa Mendy, a senior officer at the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, commended Mr Sonko and his family for the gesture, which he said should be emulated by every Gambian residing abroad.

Lamin Kujabi, Big Dreams country coordinator, described students as future leaders and as such they wanted to contribute their quota to their development.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb

Source: The Point


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