Adama Barrow Wins Opposition Convention

img-20161030-wa0200 img-20161030-wa0064The chosen candidate of the main opposition United Democratic Party has emerged the winner of the Gambia’s opposition convention held at Kairaba Beach Hotel. Adama Barrow polled 308 votes, more than necessary to evade a second round. Mr. Barrow is followed by Hamat Bah of the National Reconciliation Party who pulled out 72 votes. Halifa Sallah and Bolonding Bojang who hot 65 and 40 votes, respectively. All the contesting candidates have agreed to support whoever emerged the winner of the convention.



  1. Congrats to Mr Adama Barrow. Wish him and the entire opposition good luck.

  2. Bravo!!!!!!. Long live The Gambia,long live our unit.
    Congratulations to all participants.

  3. I don’t know Barrow personally but based on my observation he is a gentleman who speaks to people with respect and dignity. The people i asked about him say he is a man of integrity and honesty.

    It is unfortunate some opposition (especially the new parties) decided to stay away from the coalition. I am sure Gambians are wise enough to vote for what is best for the Gambia – which is to get rid of Jammeh and his incompetent bunch.

    I wish Barrow all the best and i hope he widens his appeal and unify Gambians during these hard times.

  4. This is very good news! From now on, let us sell Mr. Barrow as the Coalition candidate and focus on getting our message across the entire length and breath of The Gambia to get people vote for him. For obvious reasons, it was a blessing that Mr. Barrow won the people’s mandate on the basis of a coalition.

    We, therefore, hope CDS Barjie and all those currently busy plotting mass murder of Gambians on the orders of a deranged president would have a re-think and withdraw. Barjie should note that the evil that men do live after them. Responsible and self-respecting people (holding sensitive positions in government) cannot be making the sort of inciting statements coming from the foul mouth of Mr. Barjie. He is a total disgrace to all men in uniform. Worthy of note is also the fact that we shall all account for our actions individually, if not in this world, but definitely, in the Hereafter. Therefore, it is foolhardy and self-destructive to carry out the illegal instructions of a mortal man, to kill innocent citizens whose only crime is to claim for their rights in a country collectively owned. Gambians have spoken and their collective voice needs to be respected.

    We also hope all those critics of the UDP (who remained conspicuously silent on the conduct of the GDC) will now have the honour to zip it up and allow genuine Gambians to champion the long-awaited change – the sort of change that will bring greater happiness and prosperity to the greater number of our people.

    We thank Mrs. Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang, PDOIS’ Halifa Sallah, NRP’s Amat Bah, NCP’s Dr. Bolong Bojang and all those who were part of this historic process but who, for some reason, could not attend (GMC, GPDP and PPP). The love for country should be supreme. It is a part of faith. We also thank the media houses particularly Kaironews, Kibaaro and Gainako.

  5. Unbiased Prince GB

    Congratulations His Excellency Mr Adams
    Now talks are over
    All you now need is to focus
    Don’t Let nothing distract you from the main reasons as to why your roll in dealing with the issues affecting Gambians is at formost
    You practically have my support and you do not have to be spoiled by the mere eager of people wanting change of government.
    I am expecting more from you as I hope you win the election Insa Allah

  6. God bless every opposition effort and God bless the ordinary citizens for rallying behind the opposition parties in general. God watch over the lifes and healths, and families of those tortured, maimed, killed and illegally jailed in the act of demonstrating their constitutionally stipulated rights in protest demanding electoral reforms and for demanding the person of Solo Sandeng dead or alive.
    -And thanks to the Hon. opposition leaders for bringing such a mountain of labour in fragments together. God bless them all, the senior statemens and women who might have been exercising a lot of tolerance patience and maturity to follow and endure the explicity and the unprofessional journalistic attitude of ‘forced-themselves-in-folks’, i.e, @Ggapm. Hope even our likes too are pardoned for writing out of ignorance.
    God bless the Gambia.

  7. Malamin Fatty

    Gambia won big-time last night. We have shown the world we are serious about our beloved country

  8. JalangBandeh

    Please who is this Barrow and what are his credentials. Gambians need to know everything.

    Anything but Yaya is good for the Gambia but we also need to know who are the prospective leaders.

    Thank you.

  9. I have noticed that my good friends here from pdois such as yero Ba, kamalo and others refused to congrats the coalition flag bearer and the entire team. Only Bax send a brief congrats note. I wonder whether these people are on jammeh payroll since Mr Sallah has acted decisively and showed patriotism in his efforts to bring everyone together. I did not see anyone from disciples team to showcase the coalition. Please guys come on send your donations to coalition team. I am indeed proud of all our leaders. I want the disciples to wake up now that mr Sallah acted well on behalf on everyone.

    • Quite a spotting @Max, but on the other hand, I think Mr. Sallah deserves a big ”bravo” from one like yourself who have demonstrated all the way to be relentlessly hard on him in many of your comments and articles.
      I hereby take this occasion to commend him and his counterparts for the job well done so far good.

  10. This is the way forward.All what we need now is for Dr.Touray to reconsider her decision.We want her to come on board.The political future of the Gambia is now being shaped. Congratulations to the our brave and unselfish oppositons.Thank you.

  11. Gpagm , I am very proud of mr Sallah this time and I commended him for his leadership in this coalition efforts . I am surprise that his disciples are so quiet about the outcome of this convention. I want to see them to be enthusiastic about the coalition and its flag bearer if they are not on jammeh’s payroll . I am still wondering why are they so silent. Our leaders have put the country first before their narrow partisan interest.

  12. @Max, be kindly urged to conceive our compatriots’ quiet as an indication of their endorsement of the conventions results, with a sense of good faith and political maturity. You know they are not easily pushed over, don’t you………….., to think you can be able to squeeze a prompt and cuddling ‘hail them high’ commendation note out from those greats’ camp.
    Hopefully @Dawda is busy putting things together, on his way to surprise you with latest developments…….

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