CDS Orders Soldiers “To Shoot Tribalists”

Gambia's military chief of staff OusmaneThe Gambia’s puppet Army Chief of Staff is fanning seeds of discord within the military, authorizing the killing of what he called “all those who brings tribalism into Gambian politics before or after the December 1st presidential election.”

Major General Ousman Badjie has been touring military installations across the country.

Describing this year as a crucial one in Gambian politics, Badjie asked soldiers to remain on high alert. “Jolas have danced for a Mandinka leader for 30 years,” Major General Badjie repeatedly told soldiers at different military barracks.

“Today, everyone is having hatred for a Jola leader which is unacceptable. As soldiers, you should remain loyal to the state. Don’t hesitate to shoot and kill tribalists,” he said. Badjie described those who hate President Yahya Jammeh as “tribalists.”

The unguarded statement has left many soldiers unhappy, angry and frustrated. They could not understand why Badjie would stoop so low to the extent of “digging his own graveyard.”

All uniformed men and women in the Gambia swear to protect the country from internal and external attacks. They should refrain from dabbling into politics. However, Gambian uniformed men and women have been doing helping Jammeh to remain in power. They arbitrarily arrest, detain, torture or murder Jammeh’s political opponents. Consequently, some Gambians question whether the army is needed in a New Gambia. Jammeh’s Divide and Conquer has bred suspicion, fear and hatred within the army.



  1. There were rule of law, tranquillity, justice & peaceful coexistence at the time in Gambia for the “jolas to have been abled to dance for a Mandinka leader for 30 years”; the DEVILISH elements & the kanilai PREDATORY CANNIBAL are panicky & crumbling right under our very eyes; you can’t expect to hold a people SADISTICALLY hostage with MURDER, RAPE & TORTURE rive & abound for the past 22 years & counting, & the people still continue to clap & dance for the SADISTIC TYRANNICAL AUTOCRATIC DEVIL like usual…

    Hassan Habré for example, was tried in a normal democracy in Senegal for the Chad humanity atrocities; ICC withdrawals will NEVER let DEVIL yaya jammeh & ANY MURDEROUS elements getaway with any humanity crimes when toppled…

    The noble task to liberation accomplishment for restoration of rule of law, justice, peaceful coexistence & harmony is every Gambian’s Godly inalienable birthrights to be invoked upon & exercised singularly & collectively to save Gambia from DEVILISH carnage…

    WHATSOEVER happens, the Gambia is BIGGER & GREATER than ANY individual &/ groups; the country will survive & remain come whatever situational circumstances faced with from henceforth; only Truth , GOD & the innocent masses WILL prevail in the end…

  2. He uttered all the tribalist hate speech and the soldiers were listening to him without shooting him down on spot. This is one of the examples why the soldiers in the Gambia are the most uneducated and undesciplined; for a parade of soldiers can be ordered to ethnic cleanse their own country, whilst they listen with mouth agape. Certain things can’t happen anywhere in the world except in the tinny Gambia and that’s a mystery to be unravelled as soon as possible.
    I won’t talk like this illiterate chief of staff if I know I am well rooted in the Gambia and no where else. I bet these strange faces are all pirates in the Gambia’s state security institutions. The Gambia’s constitution sadly enough is invalidated by savages and primitive species.

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