Jammeh Set For Mass Human Sacrifice

Jammeh with one of his idol worshipping men
Yahya Jammeh with one of his idol worshipping men! 

The Gambia’s voodoo-infested leader is set for what might be the biggest human sacrifice in his presidency. Yahya Jammeh has been reportedly told by his idols and spiritualists that his presidency days are numbered, a fact the power-hungry dictator doesn’t want to hear. He asked whether there is anything that can be done to prevent his crown from falling. The answer he got was Yes. Yahya Jammeh was told to sacrifice 10 children from each of the Gambia’s 7 regions. But even that is not a guarantee that he will retain the presidency. Yahya Jammeh can only keep the presidency provided the sacrifice of 70 children happens without uproar or national uprising. In a volatile and highly charged political climate like the one in the Gambia, any little thing is capable of stoking fire. It wasn’t clear when and how Yahya Jammeh is planning to carry out the nationwide human sacrifice.

However, our sources who sound the alarm bells warn Gambians to strive hard to “protect their children from falling into the net of a desperate, heartless leader capable of sacrificing everyone including his mother to remain in office. Don’t leave your children without elderly supervision or trust them into the hands of the ruling APRC supporters. Anyone who does not heed to this advice will live with regrets,” our sources said, adding that Yahya Jammeh has been at loggerheads with his spiritualists and marabouts. Some of the have fled the country after he had fallen out with them.

Since he ascended to power through force, then army lieutenant has been putting on white outfit and holding the Quran principally to make Gambians believe that he is a devout Muslim. Yahya Jammeh’s close associates say the man dances to the tune of both Islam and idols. Unlike majority of Gambians who worship a single God, Yahya answers to both Allah and the idols. He prays but at the same time make sacrifices to the idols.



  1. Is there any proof that the man sacrifices children? I don’t believe in this. Believe me Gambians , you still have a better president than us here in South Africa.

  2. Whether there is proof to such stories or not @Wanda, there are proofs that there are those South Africans who shot there own families in Soweto or assisted in doing so for the Apartheid South Africa and are still out their loose in the civil societies of Johannesburg and Capetown.
    You could have heard worst stories during the Apartheid regime in South Africa.