Dino Hydara Is Apolotical

By Babu Soli

I was writing to vehemently refute and challenge the veracity of this Sheriff Dino prophecy when I came across the contribution of Edi boy.

I will side with Edi boy’s clearance that the speech is not Sheriff Dino’s. I know Dino well before he returned to assume the Caliphate responsibility from his then aged old father. He was living in France and returned at the request of his old dad. In France where he had been living for a long time, those who came in contact with him knew him as an upright and diligent young lad. That was in the 80s. He was very young then.

I visited him on two occasions in Wassadu when he took over after the demise of his father and saw the vigour and vitality in his spiritual domain. He was really apolitical. He fell off with President Jammeh on matters I couldn’t clarify nor ascertain and those I knew from Wassadu from former MP Henry Jammeh, whom I spoke to at his recess at the Kombo Brikama Nyambai Bee-Keeping resort couldn’t clarify the matter to me either.

All that they knew was that The Sheriff and President Jammeh were very amicable friends at the onset but what went wrong between them still remains a mistery.

As bonafide citizens we shouldn’t appease ourselves with such fracas between our revered/honourable citizens and try to gain our selfish (dis)advantage from that. That’s where the onerous of our setbacks as a collective Gambian body always lie.

Sheriff Dino knows that his father was accused of playing a key role in the late Kukoi Samba Sanyang’s (a citizen of Wassadu as well) failed attempt to usurp power by force in 1981. The late Elderly Sheriff didn’t live well with that foiled episode. Would the younger Sheriff now mess around with something that tainted the image of his late father? I doubt it.



  1. The way you write as if you are on the side of the Hydara is abhorent. Where were you when he was jailed and prosecuted? And also you wouldn’t divulge what went wrong between the Sheriff and your god-father. What is the essence of your writing anyway if it’s only about announcing thesis only to renege on explanation? Again to shift blame on others for the rift between your farfetched coined “dream team”.

  2. The national antidote for hypocrisy is showing effect! Are people like @Baba Soli, @Malang, @Bamba etc., not symbolic of the ills of our society? I think people like them did well by asserting the fact of their existence too in the Gambia.

  3. Kinteh,
    I really get perturbed and sometimes jittery with people who don’t read the lines well to discern the information from written literature. Can you go back and vividly read what I have written about my understanding of the Sheriff Dino fracass with President Jammeh?
    I made a personal effort to visit Ex Foni Jarrol Parliamentarian, Mr Henry Jammeh (also a native a Wassadu) at his present recess at the Bee-Keeping resort at Kombo Brikama Nyambai to gather information about Sheriff Dino’s ordeal. The Wassadu born former MP, a very close confidant of the Wassadu Sherrif Caliphate couldn’t tell me anything tangible. That interest to know at first hand, was derived from my personal contacts/relationships with the Sheriff before he fled the country. However, I will never paint myself as the Sheriff’s saviour neither would I rejoice at his predicament. All I know is that, from the personal conversations/matters I’ve had with him, he had never manifested interest in politics neither was he inclined on political perceptions. He was an avid Muslim scholar and a devout worshipper.
    If he made a u-turn in his life, that might be after I last visited him. We are all susceptible to change. It depends to time and/or circumstances.
    Nonetheless, he was in amicable boots with President Jammeh. What went wrong between them is a mistery to me. I can’t clarify it. If you can, Herr Kinteh, please do!
    President Jammeh is not only my “god-father” as you have asserted, but he’s also among my revered role models as an astute and Pan-Africanist staunch leader ready to redeem our country and continent from the horrendous shackles of the whiteman and his henchmen like you, Herr Kinteh.

    • Babu soli , I think it is plain lie to suggest that sherif Hydara has not been interested in politics when he has been a good friend with jammeh previously . His relationship with Jammeh in the past was based on politics which was why he prayed for him for his political well being . Hydara supported Jammeh which was the reason why Jammeh had relationship with him in the past but now that they do not have business-political interest they are no longer friends in fact Jammeh wanted to kill him . Anyone marabout who prayed for Jammeh have supported him period. Those who don’t support him never pray for his political success . Use your brain cells to understand this simple fact .

  4. Once again, the audio circulated claimed to be Sheriff DINO HYDARA of Wasadung in FONI, is not him. I would like to inform all those who listened to the audio to find out by themselves which Sheriff Hydara is on that audio prophecy President Jammeh’s presidency end. Sheriff Dino Hydara of FONI wasadung is not into politic rather he is a victim which lead to his sudden 10 years in exile. So the writer is not side with Dino Hydara of FONI wasadung but rather refute fabricated lies against sheriff Dino Hydara of FONI wasadung. So please let’s leave him alone. That is not his voice on that audio because I know him very well and I met him several time. He is not into politic. He is God’s fearing person very down to earth and hobble man. I hope this will put this audio claimed to be him (Sheriff Hydara of FONI Wasadung) to rest because that was not him at all. Thank you all.

  5. First, it’s Wassadung not Wassadu. Hendry Jammeh is not from Wassadung but from Kaninlai

  6. Ggapm,
    The real antidote of hypocrisy, undemocratic virtues and fascist inclination are imbedded in those who deny their compatriots the right to expose their views and opinions even when they are divergent.
    Why do we have to fear expressing our liking cum love in the person of President Jammeh. Your hatred stops where our love from him begins. Is that thorny in your flesh, Herr “DEMOCRAT, Ggapm? Live to accept divergent views and opinions and you’ll live at peace of mind!

    • I don’t know if there are any virtues in ‘undemocratic’….
      As far as denying people their views and opinions as you claimed with respect to supporters of the regime, I think.this online media have done a lot by teaching people the ‘tolerance’ in the values of democracy, though I know of them (Kairo) just lately.
      These debates are not about ‘hate up’ but ‘wake up’ @Soli. You don’t have to hate me because I want a say in our country’s despicable conditions of the past 22yrs though some out and inside the country think progress was made. To be candid enough, what is likely to make me bitter is knowing my people are being tricked to buy donkey meat for beef by a state.of conspirators and savages. This kind of mischieve if true are the type that can spark a civil war. There is no hate here absolutely but concerns! Do you hear this Adolf Soli?

    • Babu soli , I have personal questions for you , these personal questions is simply based on empathy and sympathy we should all have for each other . I think you should reflect on these questions since you are supporting the dictator . As human being , we all want to be treated with humanity , dignity , decency and fairly . I think you will agree with me that Jammeh regime has committed so much atrocities such as murder , illegal disappearance, torture, rape and so on . Now please read the following questions below and indicate to me whether you would still support Jammeh if he committed these atrocities aganist you or your loved ones . I know I will never support any human who commit such crimes against anyone . Here are the questions
      1. Would you still support Jammeh if he killed or murdered your father or mother like how he killed solo Sanderg and countless other Gambians
      2. Would you still support Jammeh if he disappeared your loved ones such as your father just like he disappeared Kanyiba kanyi , Lamin suwareh , etc etc and countless others
      3. Would you still support Jameh he raped your mother , sister and Aunty as he has done to so many women , like how his security forces and Nia raped Fatoumata Jawara , Ngoi Njie and others ?
      4 would you still support Jammeh if he confiscated your land or your father’s land or business ?
      5. Would you still support Jammeh if he illegally inprisoned your father or mother as he has illegally inprisoned the entire executive members of udp and thousands of Gambians in past 22 years ?
      These few questions I have for you for now , there are hundreds of questions which I can ask you why you still support Jammeh but I hope you have basic decency and humanity in you to answer these simple questions . Remember that the victims of this Regime have the same rights and deserve the same treatment as Asombi Bojang or Jammeh himself or your father who I believe has not been harm by the regime .

  7. I rather write VIOLATE instead of ‘rape’, as far as the said women are concerned….

    • Ggapm . Thank you for your suggestion . Babu soli refused to answer any of my question . I am still waiting for him . I know the fact that if his father or any relatives was mudered or violated by Jammeh and his thugs , he won’t be supporting him . He is indeed a very selfish individual and this applies to majority who support this muderous regime . It is lack of empathy , sympathy , concern and outright dishonesty/ lies that is why we still have Jammeh as an idiotic and stupid trashy tyrant .

      • @Max, I suggested VIOLATE though everyone can guess the right term for those khaki-ed thugs’ type of criminal deed on mothers like the rest of mothers in the Gambia. The status quo in Banjul have made an atmosphere available and suitable for citizens to be reduced to objects of disrespect and extortion so therefore I think the victims of such a state of misrule need not be self-victims by using explicit terms in discribing stateswomen’s mistreatment by misguided sons and daughters of that regime.
        Certain folks want to be nothing but some kinda thorny under your skin; so I don’t give it a heck if the likes @Soli won’t answer my questions. I have hundreds of mine in the forums unanswered…..I love asking questions too much but I don’t AVOID answering them either; well, atleast even it has to be an I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY.

  8. Maxs

    Maxs KairoNews 25th October 2016
    Why do I have to respond to such irresponsible, senseless, stupid, vituperative questions from an unruly, sulky person like you, Maxs? Have you rated/evaluated the contents of your questions before tabling them? Why didn’t you put your own parents into the scenery to exemplify your stupid questions?
    Have you ever imagined in your ill-gotten brain that my parents would behave so irresponsibly as the late Solo Sandeng to warrant their detention?
    Do you believe that my parents would ever behave so irresponsibly as the clique of UDP followers to warrant their arrest en masse?
    I can now gauge your savagery in behaviour and unruliness in character to pose such barbaric and uneducated questions to me. Will your own mother behave so irresponsibly to warrant her being raped by the NIA?
    Postings that do not educate nor bring elucidating ideas are always out of my domain. I will never heed to your immature behaviour.

    • @Babu Soli, you are making it quite understandable that Gambia have it’s ilk of citizenry who make you hold down your head in shame as soon as they utter or write a word.

      You have shed light on the very fact of the lack of rule of law and democracy in the Gambia when you implied that women can be raped by the Nia if they misbehave. This also seals the truth in the allegations that, Gambia’s judiciary and police, the two most important carriers of a democracy process, are indeed invalid liabilities at the expense of the poor people it is supposed to serving.

      However, the case of the women herein is not a question of behaviour at all. The women are part of a major opposition party executive who have been tortured, violated and unlawfully imprisoned when they protested asking for Solo Sandeng dead or alive. The man, Solo, was a UDP youth leader I learned who was in the act of a constitutionally right and stipulated protest, demanding electoral reforms, when he was arrested and tortured to death by citizens without an idea what a citizen’s right means much more a people’s government and state.

      Hope you find your abilities to reason better to breakfree your head from concrete. All what you scribble here is nothing but a shame to other Gambians that, fellow citizens can be viewing and holding such horrible opinions and consider them divergent. I think there is quite a contrast between ‘divergent’ and ‘blockheadedness’.
      What you scribbled here shouldn’t be just meant for @Max’s respond but every concerned citizen online should help to make your likes be enlightened. Its bloodchilling to learn that indeed, Gambia could turn out to be a place of such terror and horror where others kill others and feel contempt.

  9. Babu Soli , I love my parents so much and that is why i cannot imagine anyone inflict evil treatment on someone’s parents or loved ones. This was why i asked you whether you will still support jammeh if he raped your father or murdered him. I always put myself or loved ones in the place of the victims and this is why i will never support someone who killed another person’s parents , raped women , girls , killed his fellow citizens at will. you see you are mad at me because i simply asked if you would support yayya jammeh if he raped your father or mother? This is what he is doing to other people’s relatives. can you please think about that for one second ? i think if you put yourself in the place of the victims of this regime , you will withdraw your support. I will ask yaya jammeh the same question or isatou njie saidy or anyone who support the killer . This is fair and legitimate question . The reason why people commit worse crime while protecting their own family is that they fail to put themselves in the place of the victims and their families . so my question is not stupid or senseless , my question makes perfect sense to you and all those who support the murderer . Recently ousman sonko’s mom was crying because her son left the gambia but did she ever cried for the victims of her son, ousman who participated in their killings. Mr Babu soli , don’t be a hypocrite , if you love your mom you wont support someone who violated women who are expressing their constitutional rights. you have no respect for your mom or dad because you have no respect for any parents or human being.
    once again , think about this question , would support yaya jammeh if he raped your father , killed your mom and illegally imprisoned your brother ,disappeared your uncle , confiscated your father’s land and business. please do not be angry at this simple question because this is what happened to your fellow citizens and human being under the leadership of yaya jammeh.

  10. Babu Soli, I don’t know if you are aware. Make inquiries. Hon. Henry Jammeh ex-parliamentary in the first republic has passed away sometime this year. I don’t know if you are referring to the same parson.

  11. @Babu Soli, Bamba, Malang etc, have taken off with their bag full of lies as truth concludingly revealed in the Gambia’s political catastrophy.
    @Babau Soli, you have killied many Gambians because you want yourself crazy-glued in a nation’s predential office and consequently your writings expose guilt and frustration as to what hell future holds for you on erarth. For this being a reality, even a little bit good shouldn’t be expected in your words or actions because you’re now thinking you got nothing to lose but, bring your evil to the doorsteps of poor and innocent people.
    The country’s predicament is a ‘spilt milk’. Like your evil mind and evil position in it @Babu, right- minded people too got nothing to lose if they see the restoring of a civil society and the rule of law in their country as a duty imcumbent upon them.

  12. Maxs,
    Nonsensical reasoning! When you put other people’s parents into such barbaric analogues, it depicts your shallow level of intelligent. Presumed that President Jammeh rapes, which in the first place I vehemently refute and never accept being a true Muslim I am, because I have never witnessed it neither seen someone who can swear witnessing it, would you believe he would rape old-aged women? You are so idiotic and stupid to put my parents into your unintelligible comparison that I have to be very furious with your stupidity, uneducated behaviour and childishness.
    I asked you a question which you deliberately digressed from answering. I repeat: Will your mum be so low as to behave so irresponsibly to warrant her arrest and subsequent raping by the NIA because of political activism?
    I advise you, Maxs to desist from immediately and blindly accepting stories and narrations from any source and behave responsibly and educatively. It’s very easy to misle one’s thoughts and mind in this advanced age of information technology. We can easily swap information to conserve our own positions and merits only to earn our clandestine desires. If you live the true Muslim, Christian or atheist don’t quickly and partially rate every written or oral literature as true. Work according to your convictions and never allow to be swayed.

    • Did you engage @Kamalo’s comment above? Are you proving there to be an unlightened human in an advanced aged of information technology. If you are not one whose thoughts and mind can be misled by media, that’s good to know because this implies you are an endorser of the status quo in Banjul whose human rights records over the past twenty two year is no puzzle for the outside world to undo much more conscious citizens of the Gambia.
      You have outright declared your affliation to fascism and nazism by literally justifying and endorsing the political, ethnic and human rights activist killings, jailing, tortures and maimings of Gambia citizens and other nationales on the advanced information systems. You can be working on getting evidences that such accusations are not true of the regime in the Gambia………….
      Be convinced that this is not a ‘Maxs’ thing but public issues that others may hold, more or less convergent viewpoints, opinions or ideals. @Soli; power hunger, coldbloodness and villainy cannot be hidden in literature wise and richer than yours undetected.