Sheriff Dino Hydara’s Family Clarifies

Yahya Jammeh, President of the Republic of the Gambia, addresses the 69th United Nations General Assembly at the U.N. headquarters in New York September 25, 2014.           REUTERS/Lucas Jackson
Yahya Jammeh, REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

The family of Foni Wasadung Sheriff Caliphate in the West Coast Region has reacted to an audio widely circulated on social media forum, declaring the end of President Yahya Jammeh’s leadership.

In the said distributed audio reproduced on Kairo News pages, Sheriff Dino Hydara urged Gambians to calm down and leave Dictator Jammeh in their hands. The man who spoke in the audio said Gambian dictator has crossed so many red lines (these include extra-judicial killings of Saddibbou and Deyda Hydara, hauling insults on Mandinkas and torture of innocent people) to the extent that he ceases to rule the country.

However, the family of the Wasadung Caliph said the audio message must not be attributed to their leader. “Sheriff Dino Hydara of Wasadung has not made any public statement,” said a clan member, confirming that “Hydara is still outside the Gambia. It is therefore misleading to attribute Dino Hydara of Wasadung to the audio tape.”

Kairo News is doing its best to ascertain which Sheriff clan the man who spoke in the audio belongs. All our contacted sources confirmed the audio emanates from the Sheriff dynasty. There are many Dino Hydaras in the Sheriff dynasty, it’s therefore a question of mistaken identity, one source confirmed.

Kairo News contacted the exiled Wasadung Caliph to get his reaction but to no avail. We apologise for the inconvenience the story might have caused Sheriff Dino Hydara, his clan and talibes. As a news organisation, Kairo News will not hesitate to rectify a story or admit fault where we go wrong. We too are human who make mistakes.



  1. Clarification of certain issues is quite necessarry well before publication.The audio seems disturbing within the Sheriff dynasty which doesn’t go down well with the Hydara clan..Kairo please set the record straight. Thanks

  2. Kairo,
    Ascertain and clarify before publishing. I think these are the good ethics of professional journalism.