‘Ouza Jallow Will Campaign For Me’: Says Dictator Jammeh


APRC propaganda team are said to be planning to bring Ouza Jallow to campaign for them in the run-up to the 2016 election. The desperate dictator Jammeh is finding it hard to influence Gambians. Gambians they believe will forget about all the atrocities and tyranny if they bring Ouza Jallow and other Senegalese singers to make them sleep.
Gambian youths need to wake up, they need to remember that the world has isolated and abandoned the Gambian dictator. Youths need to be enlightened and conscious. Their votes are their power and it demonstrate that they are awake.

APRC secretly trying to talk to people. However, large section of the Gambia society have rejected the tyrannical leader. Many Gambians in diaspora are calling their love ones and families to never vote for Jammeh.
Gambians youths are urged to not just copy Senegalese dance and songs, they need to copy their political awareness.
Senegal changed 4 Presidents, and the Gambia cannot even change one peacefully and democratically. The youths and women need to reject APRC completely. Dictator Jammeh and his evil empire will be kicked out of State House so that genuine democracy and freedom for all can come in.
Music and dance is not a sign of enlightenment. Don’t let a criminal mafia Gangster President deceive you. Say no Senegalese hustlers.


  1. in love with Gambia

    Let the Gambian youths dance and play while the PIG ( YAHYA JAMMEH ) IS busy stealing their monies and lives. In the Gambia, you get sick ,you die,Unless Allah help you. Food is problem and people are really hungry. If the youths cannot see all these realities for themselves that is very unfortunate, because they are the future leaders of the Gambia.

  2. Boycott Oooshit because he support injustice and dictatorship.

  3. if the this guy’s parents (father and mother) don’t have food to eat in the Gambia why don’t he take them to were there is food for them to eat and leave Gambia alone before they die nonsense fool lying to whole world to see and hear. i know for certain that you, your father, mother or uncle was steeling money before and NO chance to STEEL NOW that is why all this nonsense TALKS!!! but is valueless and baseless and NO REASONABLE Gambian will listing you FOOL go to hall !!!

  4. Jammeh has done more for Cassamance than you can ever imagine. The Gambia is part of Cassamance. KAABU. OUZA is doing the right thing. Stick to your people and history. JAMMEH equal JANKEY WALLEY AND KELEPHA…

  5. in love with Gambia

    The PIG Singer is wicked and selfish. he won’t like what is happening in the Gambia to happen in Senegal, just look at his face, very selfish and shameless. CHEM LAKAT.

  6. …. at the greater expense of the Gambians. What a tyrant and sucker

  7. Unbiased Prince GB

    An old crap gold-digger calling himself a musical performer. What a low lifer Ouza Jallow is indeed living in Malang.

    I know he can’t be asked but why such a mist play of calculated stupidity while metaphorically tantalizing pragmatism and patriotisms via marketing Yaya Jammeh’s dead political desolations and brutal regime?
    Ouza really lacks the ‘musts or the wants’. Which means he is seriously in deficiencies to stand out of Africans as a human-being let alone being an Afro political genie (apparition) hence he fundamentally in shortage of the true some of phantasm for self-driven utterly.

    If anything my fellows, I believe it would be a proper waste of time and now too late anyway to help punk-ass Ouza get out of his dilemma of desperately fanning for fame.

    Ouza have badly lost it as an Afro icon hence he is in obliviousness and that is the only way he now knows how but also soon become his only mechanism of tackling our Afro and urbanistic political discontentment.
    May be he is on the verge of digging his grave next to Yaya Jammeh as he knows it’s all over for his so call Pan-Africanist and Kanilai punk-ass


  8. This is the most important truth being revealed about the menacing nature of the Gambia’s 22yrs ordeal, under a state of rogue citizens and hardly known state security personnel. The process and the cause of democracy makes it kind of not possible for private Gambian entities to take the country’s predicament in their own hands due the reasons that should be clear to the civilised world. Therefore, it is my view that;
    The Ecowas, the A.U, the U.N, and all international partners should act now or never but to experience yet the worst of genocides. For instance, should I be held responsible for for inciting genocide now or in the aftermath?
    It can be noted that something bad and savage is about to begin in the country!

  9. This tired old thing of a freaky artist needs a detox. He is like his host of honor, they are both on dangerously bad substances. Senegal should be very much concerned because I hope those behind the history of marking out those boundaries are not going to sit by and watch as promising generation in the sub-region are devoured and their futures decided by uncivilised and blockheaded human beings.

  10. Malang “…JAMMEH equal JANKEY WALLEY & KELEPHA…”

    It’s amazing how some of us think; some mindsets of dragging Gambia & the civil anarchy in this (modern) time & age back to the empires times; when Gambia, Senegal & subregions are (supposed) to catch up with the rest of the world in advancements of humanity from the mistakes of the past…?

  11. Your vote is your voice..Please let us call back home and tell our families not to vote for jammeh.This is one of the best strategies. Jammeh too will pass.