President Jammeh’s Guards Kill At Will

Gambia's State Guards/SMBC photos
Gambia’s State Guards/SMBC photos

President Yahya Jammeh’s overspeeding convoy has once again been linked to a fatal accident.

The accident, which occurred at Lamin in the Kombo North as State Guards vehicle ran into a crowd of people who lined up the streets to cheer the United Democratic Party convoy on tour. Seven people, including five students of St. Peter’s Senior Secondary School, have reportedly been affected by the senseless accident. Two of the victims have instantly died on the spot. One of the casualties is an elderly person who has been crushed to death. The said victim came from attending a funeral.

Most people believe President Jammeh’s presidency hinges on blood, which is why his convoy has been frequently involved in bloody accidents. Mr. Jammeh is also in the habit of provoking the opposition with a view to causing commotion. Jammeh revived his culture of disrupting the UDP convoy on campaign trail today when wanted to force his way on the Brikama highway. His attempt was met with stiff resistance.

It was not clear whether the Lamin had been carefully planned to satisfy voodoo-infested leader’s rituals. (Kairo News will soon publish a story on how Jammeh’s killer machine squad kills innocent drivers and fabricates their accident. Jammeh’s case has gone beyond a joke.”



  1. Hello fellow Gambians, first of all, i would like to thank the Gambian online news media for giving us possibility to know what is happening in our country everyday and i thank them personally and wish them progress.
    Gambians have to understand that our country is facing two scenarios,
    1. peace
    2. or destruction
    either put aside those out dated mentalities and rescue the country from destruction
    or face continue suffering and hatred against each other ,and only Allah knows what will follow eventally.
    we have now talked a lot and still talking and little come out of that.
    let us stop insulting , slander against each other, why we keep following destroying each other all the time.
    why we hate each other like this, why we dont want to see each other progress, what is the problem with can we have peace in this can we unite in this can we solve our country’s problem in this way.why cant we get matured and wake up. let me tell you, as far as we continue behaving like this, we are not going to achieve nothing, but pain and regrets.
    why each one feels like he is the only best born and know all? why each one concern of himself first then rest? why are we so selfish and petty like this?
    we need to change first our mentalities against each other and there after we can start to solve our country’s problem.
    May Allah Help us.

    • You do steal Burka of all kinds to write rubbish and thanks to Kairo demonstrating patience and professionalism. I thank them and not hypocritically. The ones you maybe referring to as ‘know alls’ are for real. Most of those folks are an indication that there is a promising future for the Gambia. It is indisputable that we need academist in making good goverments. The country needs a human resource too but that doesn’t mean they have to have their brains on their shoulders. Furthermore, if you think there are ‘best born’, that’s great, because that could be an opportunity for you to get yourself diverse in that area with the help of midwives.
      I like the anonymity of participants especially when they don’t rob Burkas or hide inside other people’s. A political debate can have a tendency to get a bit explicit and that doesn’t mean HATE but a process of democracy that targets at bringing together the ‘best brains’ for a national purpose.
      Allah, Ishallah, is with Gambia at all times.