Yahya Jammeh Personally Tortures Imam Ba-kawsu, Jesus

pixlrWe now concur with a former State House aide that President Yahya Jammeh is not only heartless but a school that one can never finish learning. “The more we live, the more we learn about this mysterious creature,” said the aide who deserted after having studied and understood Yahya Jammeh.
The aide said the Yahya Jammeh we see in public is far different from the one we see in private. “Gambians must not be surprised if they uncover Jammeh’s deep secrets, some of which can be damning and graphic.” 
Most Gambians believe Mr. Jammeh okays tortures, disappearances and cold-blooded murders but what will baffle them is that the man who swore to protect the constitution, participates in late night torture sesssions at the NIA dungeons. Even the secret agents know nothing about Jammeh’s presence in their premises.
Masked in black baclavas, Jammeh will leave State House for the NIA headquarters using a secret code familiar only to a few. “I doubt whether Saul Badjie knows this secret code,” our source confirmed. At the NIA, Jammeh personally whips detainees until he is satisfied. What the heck is the president doing there when his bad boys can get dirty on detainees? “The heartless leader neither forgets nor forgives. He is like a woman who hides every little beef in his brain until it is needed. He is in a hurry to revenge on anyone who annoys him,”our source said. “Sometimes Jammeh feels unsatisfied with the torture of the Junglular [Jammeh’s torture machine] which is why he wants to lead the torture. He thinks they don’t torture well.”
Two of the torture sessions President Jammeh had fully participated were those of Imam Ba-Kawsu Fofana and Essa [Jesus] Badjie, former Inspector General of Police. These men have got into his skin, threatening him with their mouths. Here is a leader who hardly does anything good but expects everyone to sing his praises.
Jammeh felt offended by Imam Fofana’s weekly Friday sermons and his message of defiance on anything Islamic. Thanks to Imam Fofana, Yahya Jammeh could not change times of the five daily prayers. The Supreme Islam Council had already bowed to a leader who knows nothing about Islam. Felt beaten and defeated, Yahya Jammeh began hunting Ba-Kawsu until he fell in his trap. Imam Fofana has had his finger broken during the torture.
Jammeh’s beef with Essa Badjie had to do with his confession that the president okayed his illegal drugs trafficking. Badjie saw no reason why he would be detained for doing the president’s bidding. Of all Jammeh’s torture victims, Essa Badjie received the harshest treatment.  “Jammeh had mercilessly whipped Badjie until he became unconscious. The more Jesus talked about Jammeh’s involvement in drugs dealings, the more the president chained him.”
Watch out for more startling revelations on the Gambia’s Satanic leader in due course.


  1. “He is like a woman who hides every little beef in his brain until it is needed”. Love your news site but can you please be politically correct when reporting. No need to take women as an example.

    • That’s a good point @Lang, using women as an example is a below-average standard in the national debates. That’s kind of a remark that can underestimate the heights of awareness in these forums and therefore we must try our utmost best to refrain from them.
      This guy, with many titles, Yaya after all, is not worth a school to learn from but indeed, he(it) is a national state of disorder and insanity that requires urgent resolution/s.

  2. in love with Gambia

    Yahya Jammeh’s blood is HALAL for Gambian and until we kill him or chain him we will never enjoy peace in the Gambia. YAHYA JAMMEH’S will never leave power peacefully. I have been saying this for a long time. I strongly believe that he is going to stay in power by force unless we’re ready to die for Gambia and for our total freedom. Going to election with him under one opposition candidate with only one intention, that is, he most go even if he declare himself the winner. This PIG will never accept defeat in a peaceful environment.
    Good luck and may God protect all of you in the struggle.

    • Majority of Gambians are unlike Yaya Jammeh. He is bloodthirsty, vengeful and greedy and those characters in him demonstrate how unintelligent and unaware he is, to have as a country’s president. It has become many’s concern for that matter, that Gambians must be intelligent and cautious in identifying those electable citizens with the scrupulosity, honesty and steadfastness to be leaders in the Gambia.

  3. Alatentu Sanneh

    I authenticate the content of this story. In fact, Jesus’ exact statement while being tortured was “Kebama (referring to Yahya Jammeh) authorised me to sell drugs on his behalf. Thanks for the excellent story. I have long been waiting for stories like this.

  4. Alimatou Sarr

    Upon release Bakawsu said he was tortured by men in black mask. One of them is a coward leader who runs away from his crimes. Come on Babil, man up and tell the truth.

  5. This report seems consistent in collaborations with the same physical tortures Late Mohammed Shynggle Nyassi too went through whilst kidnapped by the kanilai DEVIL…

    Devil yaya jammeh personally participated in the physical tortures of Nyassi too; yaya confronted Shynggle for Shynggle’s “connivance with Mandinka’s to conspire against his own Jola-tribe” according to yaya’s allegations…

    The truth is, yaya KILLER DEVIL jammeh is DUBIOUSLY EVIL & SADISTICALLY TYRANT than anyone can imagine; I believe we are yet to discover the extents of the barbarities yet, until after liberation, in the Truth & Reconciliation Commissions, where there’ll be some crude cruelty findings which are yet to be divulged publicly…

    We’ll get there together sooner; Insha Allah…

  6. Very troubling, but not beyond Yaya Jammeh. He is a very vindictive individual..

  7. in love with Gambia

    You guys are right, if any one is thinking that there is a kind of crime on earth which this PIG (YAHYA JAMMEH ) cannot commit, then you still have a lot to learn. You don’t have to be educated or even go to school to know who this wicked animal called president Jammeh is . May Allah destroy him sooner than later so that our people can live a normal life in the Gambia and out side the Gambia.
    May Allah protect us all.

  8. Yaya Jammeh is capable of committing any crime on this earth . His participation in beating his victims is not the worst thing he did. Jammeh made videos of his Victims been tortured and later watch the videos to enjoy torture session.

  9. @in love with Gambia, the force of Allah that can destroy Jammeh is granted to us in our hearts as human beings, if indeed it was our collective wrongs as a nation that brought to birth our predicament of two decades of brutal misrule with impunity. Who knows many are treating or would treat other Gambians exactly the way Jammeh would and perhaps this is the only reason he is able to illegally stick himself to power all these years.

  10. There is a proverb “peoples deserve the leaders they have ” in other words a leader is always a mirror of the society.
    For long Gambian have shrouded themselves with petty competitions among ourselves at the expense of working together to create social capital among ourselves To enable us forge cooperation for the nation’s good. We have tended to be preoccupied with what our neighbours have or not have than what is possible if we work together for the common good.

    Just to be on the topic, this discussion remind me of Imam Fatty and Imam Touray (current chief of SIC). These two are an embodiment of what totally went wrong in the Gambia. Most of the imam victims are of provincial origin like both of the above. Both or at least Imam Touray is a born citizen of the Gambia. It thus transcend my imagination that an imam from a respected community like Gunjur , could collude with these murderers and look away from the atrocities committed on innocent Gambian not to talk of the abuses perpetrated against own fellow imams.

    Sometime ago , Imam Touray even went so far as labelling Lawyer Darboe and others as enemies of islam , simply because they criticised and reminded him of his sacred duty to defend Imam Sheriff Hydara from wrongful persecution.

    Sometimes I wonder what the children of such respected communities are doing about all this blunders of one of their owns? What is their future in a liberated Gambia? Do they expect us to forgive and/or neglect the collusion and enabling rendered to this tyranny by their elders?

    I hope we quickly learn our lessons and focus our attention to building a country for everyone in the spirit of justice, fairplay, common purpose and progress. We must not condone or look away when horror is being meted out to our fellow citizens. Just imagine 2 deaths just yesterday because of a “presidential” motorcade! !!

  11. Babu Soli

    Those who believe in this fable are as low and shallow minded as the person who wrote the fable just to amuse the desperate opposition in the diaspora.
    Perhaps those who believe in force, vengeance and blood to unseat an incumbent president will not live to see that episode.
    Whether you see the visible signs of development or not, whether you agree with the development trends that took off ground and continue to date, since the decadent Jawara regime was flushed out of power on 22nd July 1994, the truth remains and the Gambian citizenry within the boundaries of our country are benefitting from those excellent trends.
    Who will in his sane mind believe that President Jammeh will waste his presidential obligations/duties at night and walk to the NIA premises to particiapte in a torture session?
    This is the pettiness and flimsy actitude of Gambians especially the “learned” fellows in riding high with all that is printed on paper and/on technical gadgets. What a level of perception and

    • I gonna build your home for you with gold and marbles but please let me step on the head of every member of your family and shed some of their blood if I see that it worths it.
      Saddam was a bit saner than Jammeh but despite that fact video have shown him calling names on a list in a large conference hall, names of people who have to be executed in another small room nearby.
      What you exhibit here is purely an alphabetised game of foolishness at its best. I don’t need much reaction to this kind of junk because the serious game have costed and is still costing lives.

    • Babu soli, first of all I want to welcome you here for us to have good debate. I think you are completely ignorant of capability of president Jammeh since he came to power. For your information, Yaya Jammeh is a very dangerous human being whose criminality is beyond the thinking of ordinary Gambian like you. Whether you believe this story or not Yaya has done far worst crime than this. Yaya has been raping young Gambians Girls on daily basis. He killed people every time and he participated in torture. You talked about development, don’t you see that half of the country’s youths have gone through backway to Europe? Why are youths leaving if there is development in The Gambia? Why is freedomn of expression and association lacking?

      • Scarlet Pimpernel

        Soli must be in Lala land, even the kids know that Yaya Jahanaba Iblis Jammeh partcipates once in a while in torture sessions. I think even Baba Leigh confirmed that.

        • It’s ok when most Gambians’ brains fatten whilst lazy guard-puppies are fed to put on more corporal weight. I bet anyone who forcefully toppled Jammeh, as he did 22yrs ago, will be considered by Soli,’INCUMBENT’. This is Soli’s level of intellect and forthrightness.
          It is like Malang and Bamba were there with you……..However, what I would like them both to be aware of is that; there is not an unfortunate situation like that of a dunderhead in the public domains who knows how to read and write. Some of these folks seem to be those types of alphabetised lazy citizens who don’t know how to do a thing by themselves, or how to be resourceful within the public space if not to run an errand as a sycophant. The real pain and frustration of many Gambians both at home and foreign is people like @Soli, Malang, Bamba, etc., though these are all a part of the country’s human resources, a democracy process is capable of reconciling with.

    • Jallow Jeri

      I read this piece with an open mind and I will not dismiss it as lie/ defamation. As a matter of fact, Yahya Jammeh reminds me of Gen. Idi Amin of Uganda. Whenever I watched Idis documents, astounded as to how similar the two are, from hosting lavish parties to verbal threats he constantly uttered.
      Jammeh’s rhetoric…verbal intimidations and violence only helps to feed our suspicion and/ or our believe that he does take part in torturing prisoners as well as kidnapped individuals. I hope he is as callous!

  12. Well Soli if you like, continue the threats. I bet you have no other choice. The weapons you have are the only legitimacy keeping you in that position enabling a so called “presidency”.

    You don’t need to worry about the fate of those who you expect to get killed before the removal of this tyranny and backwardness. The people are determined to take on you & cohorts and have already laid down their lives. Those they left behind are willed to uphold the flag in solidarity until tyranny is eradicated.

  13. Babu Soli

    Come on you guys. We all have a right to decide, choose, opine and love, don’t we? You hate a man I love so much for I have lived to see so much decadence in The Gambia during the colonial and Jawara periods. Here we are now with a man who has taken us steps further than we were.
    Are you exonerating the former Jawara regime for the underdevelopment in 30 years of his “democratic” government?
    Are you exonerating the Jawara government for employing the services of the Senegalese invading forces who killed and maimed over 800 innocent Gambians in 1981 and dumped their corpses in mass graves in the Banjul cemetry? The records remain!
    Migration by the backway or frontway, interprete it your way, is one’s choice. It’s like Europe and The USA. If you choose to sleep in the street, there you are, free to do it, inspite of all the wealth in those nations!
    Let the lakadaisical youth leave en masse. There is enough ground and resources for personal development and progress in The Gambia otherwise our country would not have been a safe haven for the thousands of West African nationals from their “democratic” countries. Enumerate the thousands of Senegalese from their “democratic” Senegal. That alone speaks for the grand development stride achieved by President Jammeh.
    I have never witnessed him killing anyone neither have I read substantiated information about such allegations. The fact is, I will NEVER pre-judge anyone from hearsay and rumours.
    I go home on holidays every July and August and come in physical contact with progress made under his government. That suffices my support and love for him. Not mentioning his Pan-Africanist belief and stance!

    • Such a country of a state of insanity like the Gambia’s incumbent Aprc and leader, with people like @Soli in it, are always a save haven for similar sycophantic citizens of moderate neighbouring countries whose democracy levels won’t give such citizens a room to soil their processes of a civil society democracy. Many of migrants from neighbouring countries see the Gambia as a nation of sleeping people who lack proper conscience and whose head of state can be flattered by musicians from countries with precious stones and other natural resources. They wouldn’t say it in his face but most of those musicians themselves have claimed that the Gambia’s got a mad president. Other migrants may come from countries with sophisticated citizens capable enough to forge half the sum of money in the country’s national coffers within a period of one year. This coup regime proved to be the era of horrible experience for Gambians when human flesh was discovered in some resident’s fridge. Gambians before have heard such savagery in the grannys’-bedtime-horror-stories.
      Gambian/s thinking the latter is exonerating a democratically incumbent regime, that was toppled by crude soldiers, of crimes, must be those Gambians in the inner-circle of state crime masterminding. That’s why everybody wants to hold an opinion now!, without fear of being persecuted by an incumbent leader who campaigns with military logistics and pretentiously busy dark-glassed citizens who are out to psychologically intimidate and terrorise poor farmers and totally politically disconnected peasantry.

  14. Babu Soli…

    You’re right, freedom to make personal choices should be protected and respected and I hope your right to respect a man who should be despised by all right thinking beings, is respected.

    That right you have, however, must never be exercised by distortions and falsehoods, and I have a feeling that you are not being entirely honest here. You have certainly distorted the events of 1981 by spewing the Jammeh regime’s lies of former President Jawara’s mass murder.

    We all know what happened in 1981 and we all know where the blame for that chaos should lie. Jawara was neither in the country, nor even in full control when much of the death and destruction took place.

    To hold him (Jawara) responsible for the mass grave is bad enough, but to turn around and claim, in Jammeh’s defense, that you have never seen him killing anyone, after holding Jawara responsible for all those deaths, is the height of hypocrisy, dishonesty and an example of a disingenuous person.

    May I ask you Mr Babu Soli, whether you have ever seen Jawara killing anyone..?

    With regards to your development claims, I think it will be disingenuous for any opponents of the Jammeh regime to deny that some measure of progress has been registered by the regime from 1994 to date, but it is your (APRC) narratives that give many the justification to dismiss your claims as false propaganda, and rightly so.

    For starters, I am not an apologist of the PPP and I hate to defend their record, for the simple reason that I think they should have done far more than they did, but I fume with anger when I encounter people like you, who are determined to change the facts of history, for the illusions of fiction. Please STOP it, becauseit is shameful.

    Yes, the regime expanded access to education by building a few new schools, but that was possible, firstly :

    -because the structures and qualified human resources of the education sector were there;

    -and secondly, because the parastatals, like Gambia Ports Authority (which funded Kalagi Middle School) had created surplus that was utilised to accomplish some of those early projects..

    Yes, a few roads were rehabilitated (not built) to manageable standards, even if temporarily, but that was possible because the roads were there, in the first place. It was neglect that left those roads in the state they were found in 1994 , but we see the same neglect causing so much hardship: Banjul roads are an example. So really, you need to be a bit careful when you point fingers..

    You may not see Jammeh killing anyone, but perhaps, you have not failed to notice that the strong Dalasi he inherited is almost worthless now.

    You may also have noticed that death in state custody and disappearance into thin air, has become a phenomenon and a scourge that Gambians didn’t know under Jawara..

    Or that, the once vibrant farming sector has now become the domain of a single man, and thus, a one man show…

    I can go on and on, but it’s a bit late now. Hopefully, we can have more engagements.

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