Njogu’s Mother Threatens To “Undress If …”

Dr. Njogu BahA bitter row erupted between Dr. Njogu Lamin Bah and his mother over President Yahya Jammeh’s job offer, Kairo News sources confirmed. Bah was a former Presidential Affairs Minister and Secretary General who did his best for Dictator Jammeh only to be fired, prosecuted and sentenced for abusing his office. He was a beneficiary of the 2015 mass prisoner amnesty. Bah remains loyal to the man who used and abused him to the core. Like many so-called Gambian intellectuals, Njogu Bah has been waiting for Yahya Jammeh to recycle him. That opportunity recently arrived when he was offered a cabinet position. Bah wanted to fly with Jammeh’s offer of Foriegn Affairs Minister without hesitation. But his aging mother wondered why Bah would accept a job offer from a man who spares no one for bettayal and punishment. “Njogu’s mother threatened to “undress in his (Bah’s) presence if he accepted to join Jammeh’s cabinet line up again,” said a source, attributing the old woman’s defiance to grassroot opposition campaign of awareness creation. The campaign hinges on shedding light on how Jammeh entrenched himself in power through fair and foul means and how he continues to kill and sacrifice innocent Gambians some of who toil for him. Njogu’so mother is living with the fear of losing his son to a system that feeds on human blood.
Njogu had lived in the United States prior to his cabinet appointment in the Gambia. Many questioned the authenticity of his doctorate degree.



  1. Janjanbureh

    Please don’t call Njogu Bah an intellectual because he bought all his degrees and never earned it the right way. Doctor of what? The guy was last working at Red Lobster in Atlanta before buying the bogus degrees online.

    • Gambians easily label anyone who can read and write intellectual. Njogu, is an intellectual midgets who is nothing without Jammeh and he knows he will amount to nothing in life without Jammeh. Lots of Gambians like him…. people incapable of amounting to anything on their own.

      Sam Sarr, Sabally, Sarjo Jallow, Jahumpa, Mcdols etc…. and the entire upper echelon of the security services.

  2. U right those are idiots n sell their intelligence for nothing but backwards to themselves n the gambians

    That is where I stop

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