Accidental Enablers: Gambian Civil Servants And Security Officers


Your position is not a political appointment…

Civil servants and security officers are not neither employed nor paid by the APRC. They work for Gambians in general. Civil servants need to educate their family members and tell them the plain truth. Many civil servants don’t vote for the APRC but they are afraid to talk to their family members. Please tell the truth to your wife, husband, sisters, brothers and extended family.

Yahya Jammeh did not give you that position. It is your merit and qualification that earn you a civil service or parastatal job. Your family mistake civil service position with President Yahya Jammeh’s favour and goodwill. Wrong!!!!
Remember many electorate are simple people. They will do certain things to safeguard a family member without knowing they are causing more harm…we have seen family members of civil servants and security officers quarrelling with people over Dictator Jammeh. All because a family member is in a government position. What these people don’t know is the family member does not even vote for the murderer dictator Jammeh.

House to house and compound to compound campaigns need to continue. Talk cleverly to your family. Free them from a murderer and dictator who has destroyed the Gambia. Anyone who votes for dictator Jammeh is guilty of all the crimes he commits because your vote endorses his wickedness and murders. Let’s vote him out and prove him wrong that jinns don’t vote for him.


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