Mothers Will Always Love

The Mother of runaway former Gambian Interior Minister Ousman Sonko


Runaway Ousman Sonko’s mother in tears!

The psychopathic former Gambian Minister Of Interior seeking asylum in Sweden have one person crying over his downfall. The frail and elderly mother of killer Ousman Sonko is said to be disoriented and confused at the sudden turn of events in her life. Blood is thicker than water.

Ousman Sonko’s mother is reported to have complained that “all her sons are arrested and missing and she doesn’t know why”. However, the elder mother was quick to remain silent due to the fears that befall the nation. Our reporter was able get one opinion from the old lady. She was of the opinion that, Jolas are safe from the long hands of dictator Jammeh’s brutality and killings.’

The granny learnt what every mother who has had her loved ones killed, jailed, abducted, sacked, exiled, and tortured for no reason. The immoral men and women promoting and encircling President Jammeh are no different from him. All those enabling and associating with him have a hand in his murders and crimes. To the frial mother of Ousman Sonko, the Gambia is bleeding and noble men are sitting in jail whilst Ousman Sonko who, as the head of security, was meant to protect the citizens was himself taunting and tormenting innocent citizens. Granny Sonko, welcome to the Gambia under dictator Jammeh.



  1. I feel very sorry for this old lady as I had felt sorry for those Mothers who had lost their loved ones. Allah [SWT] said; in the Qurán [Kareem], He produces [creates] death from living and process [creates] live from the death. Therefore, this mother of Devil Ousman Sonko maybe has nothing to do with Her son’s evil activities in all those years. Therefore, I hereby appeal to all Jolas to join us to get rid of Yaya Jammeh sooner than later. This Kanilai Monster is no good for anyone, be it a Jola, Mandinka or Fulla, he is a devil living with human beings. May Allah Save us.

    • Hope she is not the type of old women who would tell their son, ‘well done! I know you’ll become it. You shall surely overcome your enemies’. Such old women are demons.

      • A good observation And a serious problem besetting us. We must be aware that sometimes our parent’s rationality is bounded. Hence short-termism showed in our daily fights to be better than our next kins must be a norm of the past. Must create an environment that works for everyone.

        • Thanks Kinteh for unfolding the details of the observstion. Our extended family concept plays an important role, if we want a good government and public environ to be realised by the people of the Gambia.