Of Gambia’s Unsolved Fire Outbreaks

img-20160923-wa0065Fire outbreaks have become rampant in the Gambia where the government has not done enough to avert these outbreaks. Mysyerious fire outbteaks few months ago struck fuel station and depot in Bakau and Abuko. Another fire ravaged the mational political bureau of the ruling APRC party of Yahya Jammeh. While the arsonists of fuel installations are not known, Jammeh’s disgruntled soldiers claimed responsibility for setting the APRC bureau on fire. They vowed to make life unbearable for a leader who, according to them, used like a toilet paper.

img-20160923-wa0057Gambians have since beem searching for answers from a government that provides none. And to their utter surprise, another fire outbreak razed the Latrikunda Sabije Market to the ground Friday morning. This time the blame is apportioned on electricity, although some spin doctors are providing their owm theory that it was the work of saboteurs. Gambians expect their government to assess the level of damage, launch thorough investigation into the disaster and plan on bailing out victims. In all previous similar incidents, both the cemtral amd local govermmemts left victims struggling to get back on their feet. Will victims of Latrikunda get the help and attention they deserve is anyone’s guess? In an election year extraordinary things happen. Our sympathy goes to struggling investors in Latrikunda for incurring colossal loss. We equally sympathise with Gambians who frequent the market for their daily needs. As the saying goes: fire is a good servant but a bad master. Gambians are concerned about the spate of fire outbreaks. Some have started accusing Yahya Jammeh of destruction spree to create chaos ahead of his ouster. A government that cannot protect life and property must not collect taxes. This reminds us about the pre-independent mantra that “no taxation without representation.”


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