Ousman Sonko Seeks Asylum In Sweden

img-20160921-wa0029Swedish newspaper has reported the Gambia’s dismissed Minister of Interior sought asylum in Sweden upon arrival at the airport. Ousman Sonko was fired and replaced by Momodou Alieu Bah last week. He was reported to have handed himself over to the police. Mr. Sonko, a key ally of President Yahya Jammeh, has been implicated in so many atrocities in the country. He was accused of spearheading the assassination of a leading newspaper journalist Deyda Hydara. Sonko was also implicated in the extrajudicial killing of Lt. Almamo Manneh, former Logistics Officer at State House.



  1. If this is true, and it is non other than Gambia’s former interior minister seeking asylum in the west, I ask Gambian legal experts to assist Solo Sadeng’s family to bring action against this monster, so that some light can be shed on the events leading the torture and murder of the democracy activist.

    And the same assistance should be extended to the family of Mr Dibba, the trade unionist who was also killed in detention. Evidence needs to be gathered about the many extra judicial killings under his watch as interior minister.

    In the battle with Jammeh we all must be willing to make sacrifices in any way we can. Another fund raising opportunity to make sure this man cannot live in comfort in any part of the world

    • Modou I wish the families of November 11 did that to Sana Sabally long time ago in a German court. Can it be done now?

  2. Fully seconded. There cannot be peace or safe heaven for the killers of Solo Sandeng. Our conscience must never allow us to take that. We owe it to his children!

  3. Mr Sonko must face justice in Swedish or anywhere he is . He is a coward who must be punished for the crimes he committed . Gambians must make life hell for him anywhere he goes. Jammeh’s days are numbered .

  4. Completely false .

  5. All ministers and sinior officers of civel service have many passport. When the go west they use normal passport with visa. When Jammeh fair them they retun diplomat passport and service once. Then they live gambia with normal passport with visa. NIA know this.

  6. Why not the same thing for Sana Sabally? He killed more people than Sonko. Why can’t Gambian look for a very good human right lawyer that can investigate and file a case against him?

  7. Mr sonko what comes around goes around the day Daideh hydra is gun down Almamo manneh solo sandeng and many more
    .No security for you where ever you are its left to jammeh now he will soon leave like you

  8. Sweden is a prominent democracy country of the west. I think that fact alone will get Mr. Sonko transfixed on his atrocities he may have co.knifed with Jammeh to committed against Gambian citizens and families.

    I don’t think this is a time for Sweden to act on Gambia’s behalf in flushing its dictatorship into the sewage, but a time to sensitize Swedish authorities with information relating to Jammeh and people of his inner circle. In a country like Sweden, they might think people like Sonko and Jammeh are mentally sick people who need psychiatric help looking at their records of state crimes against citizens of equal statuses and rights. It cannot be possible for a Swedish minister of interior to carry out atrocities for the Swedish prime minister or even a king. Start relating such a story about a country with a government, to a Swedish, and you’ll be suprised to see he won’t even know what you are talking about. He can critically view yourself, the narrator, a psych. The stories from certain African nations makes you wanna bow down your head in shame down in the west. Jammeh, Sonko, Maliyamungu, Idi Amin, Bokassa, Gbagbo, Ghaddafi, Mugabe etc. are a few reasons why even the illiterate Westerner do think the Africans are subnormals in constrast. It is because of people like the latter that, despite the west with its rule of law and democracy, certain authorities in certain countries in the west have justified the mistreatment and the modern day enslaving of the sub-Sahara African, in the rogues of the West. This is a reason why I ended up disliking even a SUB in the SAHARA as the SUB now is not saying anything about the Sahara if not the people living in greener parts of Africa, thank to the many peanut sized brains of it so-called leaders.


  10. I think Opposition parties , diaspora associations, and human rights organisations must take this escape of Jammeh’s most brutal and influential interior minster very seriously. For me, it is akin to the Vice President running away to escape from his/her own created and supported monster.

    Aside from the families of disappeared, murdered, and tortured victims, I think opposition parties, the UPD in particular, must must take a position on this purported attempt to seek asylum in the west.

    The party, whose members have been killed, tortured and still in prison, must write to western embassies and international NGOs requesting a denial of asylum to this international criminal. They must be a party to any legal action that can be brought against Mr Sonko.

    He must not, at any cost, be allowed to live in peace and quite anywhere under this planet. We all owe it to the fallen victims of Gambia’s nightmare, including the many who are stuck in exile and cannot even visit family and friends in Gambia.

  11. Ousman sonko is indeed the second biggest coward in The Gambia apart from his boss . Majority of these thugs have already planned their escape route in The Gambia . Today , almost of all the ministers and top leadership of this regime have visas and resident permit of foreign western countries. It is common knowledge that most of them have wives and children outside in western foreign countries as safety precaution while they help the tyrant to kill their fellow citizens and prostitute our state meager resources. I have exposed Yaya jammeh’s escape route some months ago , Gambians shouldn’t be surprised to see the dictator use the same escape route when there is any attack on kanillia. General Saul Badjie, King papa , Ousman joof , general Martin and other closed aides are all aware of this emergency escape route Jammeh has built in KanillIa .
    An irony is that while the coward ran to Sweden for protection , it was under his watch as interior minister that mr sarjo Jallow was kidnapped and disappeared recently.

  12. If any thing, Ousman Sonko have been for significant 10 out of the 12 years of terror unleashed upon innocent Gambians & humanity under the MURDEROUS kanilai KILLER DEVIL; as the savage so-called interior minister, right at the center of terror being meted out, Ousman must’ve known something else that others may not, to warrant such swift high-flight on his heels to file for asylum in Sweden…???

    How ironic that MURDEROUS SADISTIC DEVILS on human legs & in flesh can in turn SEEK & EXPECT humanity’s protection & sympathy WHILST they contrarily chose to BARBARISE instead of contribute judiciously as mandated by those responsibilities they were assigned to…??

    However Ousman’s taking to his heels to safety in Sweden, instead of rather face the same MURDEROUS SATANIC barbarities he’s been part of all along, I believe is blessing in disguise for humanity; in that Ousman & all those alive, who’s ever been part & parcel of the MURDEROUS status quo can all stand for prosecutions after the toppling of the MURDEROUS club of BANDITS in arms…?

    Now is the perfect opportunity for Mrs Jainaba Jallow & family to contact the Swedish police to notify the authorities concerned that Ousman Sonko was the interior minister under whose watch Sarjo Jallow’s abducted; this will help with Ousman’s open-up, & shed much light on Sarjo’s kidnap & others before him & as well as other criminalities he (Ousman) participated in, facilitated, enable & was aware of…

    Otherwise, it is & will (must) be the next transitional government’s democratic responsibilities in particular, to channel diplomatic requests for such persons of interests to be expedited to come & face any truth & reconciliation commissions in future, for redresses necessary for us to be able to move on as a nation community…

    It’s easier to prosecute such heartless reckless criminals through democratic government request channels than from aggrieved groups, families &/ individuals on their own; all evidently indicates there’s some hope for lights at end of the tunnel, soon; Insha Allah…

    Long live the Gambia…

  13. Rectification please Mr editor:

    My first paragraph should instead read as-

    If anything Ousman Sonko have been interior minister for significant 10 out of the 22 years of terror unleashed…[as the rest of the paragraph continues the same]

    I thank you very much in advance.