Breaking News: Interior Minister Ousman Sonko Fired

Ousman Sonko
Evil former Gambian Interior Minister Sonko

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh sacrificed his long serving Interior Minister. Ousman Sonko Sonko is one of the most bloodthirsty and ruthless ministers in dictator Jammeh’s cabinet line-up.

The ruthlessness of Ousman Sonko came to light in the brutal and callous arrest and murder of UDP National Organising Secretary Ebrima Solo Sandeng on April 14. Whilst President Jammeh was giving instructions to his security officers to liquidate Mr. Sandeng after the April 14 peaceful protest, it was Ousman Sonko who unkindly first revealed the killing of Solo to western diplomats at a conference in Dakar, Senegal.

Ousman Sonko is said have participated in tortures and unlawful killings of Gambian dissidents, acts that were commanded by Presiden Yahya Jammeh. Sonko, who heart is filled with hatred for Jammeh’s opponents, also visited the home of the jailed Gambian main opposition leader a day after his arrest, asking about the whereabouts of Lawyer Ousainou Darboe. Sonko had not publicly declared the reasons for his dubious visit to Darboe’s Pipeline compound.

While Gambians await Jammeh to explain Sonko’s firing, Kairo News sources believed the Interior Minister was sacrificed by a cornered leader. Dictator Jammeh has been under tense European Union and United States pressure to produce the remains of Solo Sandeng as well as release all political prisoners. Jammeh is said to believe that by sacking Ousman Sonko he will defuse the international pressures on him and blame all the atrocities on Sonko.

On similar vein, there is unconfirmed information that the Gambian Inspector General of Police Yankuba Sonko is also dismissed. The same source indicate that both Ousman and Yankubao will be arrested soon and made as scapegoat and sacrificial lambs.

Dictator Jammeh sanctions his security forces to get dirty on anyone he (Jammeh’s) has personal beef with. Yahya Jammeh would heap blame on others when he is inundated with pressures. The EU and U.S must not fall for President Jammeh’s tricks of blaming others for crimes he authorized and approved. The world demands justice for Solo Sandeng, Solo Krummah, Lawyer Darboe  and many other Gambians unlawfully killed, jailed and tortured.



  1. I hope he face the music and pay for the atrocities he committed over the years . As the end of regime is nearing , all those who committed heinous crimes will be liquidated . I hope and pray that he is arrested and taken to court .

    • Max, you hope Sonko be arrestd by which law enforcing body and to which law court respectively?
      I agree, Sonko’s atrocities if true, should be medicine to his taste anyway as Jammeh the Dogfather himself, whose brutal regime has started whirling around down the drainage. It is thugs and Jangulars fallng apart. Nothing in my opinion, can be built right, sustainable and strong on ‘wrong’ which was and stil is the case of the afprc regime during all these two decades.

  2. Let yahya jammeh knows that by dismissing the sonkos will not save him anyway, but instead that will expose him more further. As Mandinka’s used to say; fitifito buka Fallo ning atullo tala. Surely the end of Dictatorship is nearer than we all expected.
    Salam to Gambian.

  3. Woooww! Another fresh plot from Yaya MONSTER Jammeh’S camp of APRC. I don’t think Yaya Jammeh has any problem with Ousman Sonko, but rather planning to eliminate someone from the opposition camp. Let’s wait for patiently and see who will be the successor of Ousman Sonko. We take from there.

    • You mean there could be puppies in the opposition camps who can be baited with bones smeared with Sonko’s leftover stew……..? You know bro I love asking questions in the Gambia’s national debate because one like me is more of an observer in it than participant. We are here to observe to see for ourselves what we are as a small country. Light will surely shed on every reality in the process of restoring a civil democratic society in the Gambia.

    • mr. Ousman Sonko is in EU in SWEDEN. He is asking residentspermit today in sweden.

  4. UnBiaSed PriNce GB

    Indeed and yes the pillars of the monster king of mist Babily Empire Yaya Jammeh, are crumbling really faster than admittable by the failed APRC regime and in fact it’s starting from the epicentre of Yaya Jammeh’s own barbarity high rankers.

    Days like so have always been anticipated knowntherless but were use to be at the far believed of ever to witness any time soon, but nothing can deny or delay the ultimatum of natural statement at the ordainment of the Most-High.

    What have only just started of becoming the failed leadership of Yaya Jammeh’s, his APRC regime’s and their entirety’s real trend of way too real, have always been on the making with self conceded stupidity by none other than Yaya Jammeh using his selfish enterprise of brutality on Gambians and alike as only way of running the state.

    They may be hipping for new hopes and main courses to bail them out of what is yet to become of them in the aftermaths of December election but I serious doubt if only trying to brave their expectation for Gambians asyluming them would work.

    An ordain of dilemma is unfolding within Yaya Jammeh’s inner circle and that is what is apparent these days and many to come and out media have now get their hands full. Please give them time to keep up with surge of the unthinkable now hitting at turbulence of APRC pillars crumbling.


  5. Sonko is not fired he will be redeployed or reappointed to same job. Yaya jammeh cannot and will never fire Sonko. That will be like taking off cloths in public. Sonko know everything. He will bounce back trust me.

  6. Whether he’s fired or has been misfired or not fired, Ousman sinking,Yaya jammeh and his evil monster thugs (all those who helped to sustain this evil regime in place) will one day face justice in this life or life after, Allah is all seeing all knowing. These people has committed horrific and brutal crimes to Gambians and non Gambians.

  7. Ousman Sonko (alias O.U. ) has left a very bad legacy for himself, and whether he gets arrested or not now, the future for him, is one of uncertainty, as he will be a person of interest, as soon as change arrives. I think his story and that of many close associates of Jammeh, like (late) Sadibou Hydara and Almamo Manneh or Sabally and Singhateh should make people think twice, before they accept any job offer from Yaya Jammeh.