Ramzia Diab Throws Her Weight Behind Dr. Isatou Touray

By Abdoulie John

Former Member of Parliament for the ruling Alliance for Patriotic
Reorientation and Construction (APRC) Ramzia Diab has thrown her weight behind Dr. Isatou Touray’s 2016 presidential bid.

“We as Gambians must never forget that national interest supersedes
any other agenda or interest. On the other hand in politics there is
no permanent friend or permanent opponent the only permanent friend should be The Gambia,” said Ramzia Diab in a statement posted Tuesday on her Facebook and that appears to call Gambians to reject the status quo.

The move taken by former President Jammeh surrogate comes barely a week after Dr. Isatou Touray announced her run for the presidency and has caused a major political firestorm in the political arena. Mrs Ramzia Diab parted company with Yahya Jammeh’s APRC for standing for the truth in a country where hypocrisy has been so glaring. The Gambia’s first female presidential hopeful continues to draw more support as the political climate is getting overheated.

Ramzia said like weather, politics changes and is unpredictable, but she was quick to remind Gambians of the necessity to learn from past
mistakes. ” I solemnly declare here and today that for the rest of my life I have made the choice of not to owe allegiance to anyone or any institution as a blind loyalist. I only owe allegiance to the nation and its people,” she stated

Setting the record straight, she stated that her decision to break
come out in the open after so many years, is motivated by efforts she
conducted in holding consultations, discussions and reflections about
Gambia’s present and the past.

“In my mind Gambia is growing out of the past thus has no right to
fail. We must always bear in mind that democratic change is the best
guarantee, we cannot afford to destroy our country based on emotions, ethnocentric feelings or politics entrenched in hard feelings”

Ramzia Diab added her voice to numerous calls urging Gambian
opposition to form a coalition so as to bring change in the tiny West
Africa African nation.

Written by Abdoulie JOHNEnds

One Comment

  1. How nice to see Gambians mentally emancipating themselves from mental, physical, home slavery. Mothers know what their children’s lifes worth to them for it to be taken by other men dressed up and armed with the taxpayers money, who for purpose are there to protect all citizens lifes and properties equally irrespective of political, religious, ethnic or cultural and traditional affliations.
    Isn’t it complete madness in a country whose president goes saying, ‘My money’?
    Where did he get all the money he dashes to praiser singer musicians?
    What has gone so wrong in the Gambia that its president is in control of even retail markets?
    Sells meat, rice, sugar etc etc in outlets across the country. What’s all the shame for? You dare not give a glimpse of the Gambia to people from what we call, ‘the civilised world’. Those who have an idea about us laugh at us. This is the reality about our state of affairs as a nation and being aware of it urges you to find solutions for it or atleast contemplate on some.

    How much money was in Yaya Jammeh’s account/s before he came president?
    -This is important to know!